Why should you use Workflows in Salesforce?

Why should you use Workflows in Salesforce?

What is a Workflow in Salesforce?

The workflow in Salesforce is a set of rules or business logic engine that automates certain internal procedures or business processes on a particular action. The workflow rules are created such that they evaluate every record when they are created or updated. Then it automates a certain action if the criteria are met, such as send an email, create a task, notify someone, assign tasks, or update a field. If they are not met, the records will be saved without performing any action.

Why Workflows?

Essentially, Workflows are the main container of the rules governing any automation. They actually replace the part where you had to constantly monitor any reports, or dashboards to know if it is time to make a certain action. They automate the entire process with their rules/instructions that can be summed up in an if/then statement.

In simpler terms, Workflow in Salesforce speeds up the manual processes and saves your time. They accelerate your business processes by eliminating the manual time lag consumed to review the information to decide if any action is required.

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This feature is available in Enterprise, Performance, Developer and Unlimited Edition

What more can you do with Salesforce Workflows?

Save Time

Salesforce Pricing Workflows empowers the sales team to be more productive and save their time by automating processes. It enables them to reach the right customers at the time with the right approach and spend more time making sales rather spend it on processes.

Eliminate Human Error

When your sales team is under the pressure to make a certain number of calls per day, book a certain number of demos, to generate revenue, they happen to make mistakes. Salesforce Workflow rules update the records and eliminate the likelihood of errors!

Understand your customer

More information on the customer helps in closing the deal faster and easier. Salesforce Workflows makes collaborating all the information on the customer at one place easier to deliver experience, identify their problems, and resolve them efficiently.

Reach out at the right time

When your sales team is trying to achieve their targets, under the pressure, they tend to forget to reach out to their specific customer while talking to the other one. Salesforce Workflow lets them set up important alerts and notify them of the important call to make, or an urgent email to send!

Increase your revenue

As Salesforce Workflows save your sales teams’ time by doing their menial tasks automatically, this increases their efficiency. It gives them the advantage to spend more time understanding their customer and win them.

Collaboration within the team

Salesforce Workflow Rules allows the team to communicate and collaborate to work efficiently. Let’s say when a deal is marked closed by the sales rep, the sales manager will be notified of the status of the deal with an automated email.


One of the most powerful native tools of Salesforce, the Workflows are an indispensable tool for any organization. Outsource Salesforce can efficiently implement your workflows for you. Let us help you grow your business and maximize efficiency as the amount of data increases. We will streamline your processes so that you can do more with your valuable time.