What’s new in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Latest Release

What’s new in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Latest Release

The global leader of CRM, Salesforce, always comes up with interesting updates to make the lives of Salesforce users easier. Salesforce has brought some innovative features to the Marketing Cloud. So, today we are going to share these features with you.

Let’s see how Salesforce is going to make your work easier with Marketing Cloud. The top features of Marketing Cloud are;

1. Datorama Reports

Marketing Cloud will now give you the power of Datorama reports. You will now have access to Email and Journey Builder reporting. Datorama is the analytics arm of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud that helps to optimize and maintain customer engagement. Also, Datorama reports have three features- Dashboards, Pivot Tables, and Scheduled reports.

2. Customer 360 Audiences enhancements

With this feature, you can deliver exceptional customer service experiences to your customers. The latest updates in Customer 360 would help you enhance your customer profile. Also, The newest features in Customer 360 Audience enhancements will help you Calculate insights, use Web Tag & Mobile SDK, Loyalty Management, Real-time Profile API, and Data query API.

3. Use WhatsApp for messaging

Over 2 billion people use WhatsApp all across the world. Hence, it has become the ideal channel of choice for many businesses. Besides, A new integration in Marketing Cloud would let you chat using WhatsApp to send transactional and session messages to your customers.

4. Datorama: TotalConnect enhancements

This latest update in Marketing Cloud is here to improve AI and Data mapping workflows. Also, This feature will help you easily connect and unify all your marketing data. It will help you automate the ingestion, integration, cleansing, and mapping of your reporting sources.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

5. AMP for Email Studio

Now use AMP for Email Studio and bring web-like experiences to your customer’s inbox. You can choose to send AMP-based messages to add interactive elements to your emails. Also, these emails can help you include real-time data like appointment-scheduling capabilities and more.

6. Pardot

With Pardot, you have the ability to repeat the success of your previous campaigns by automatically recreating related records in new campaigns. Furthermore, You can clone your landing pages, file handlers, forms, etc., beautifully using this.

7. Datorama: Email to Web Conversion App

With this feature, you can see how your email campaigns are impacting your web traffic and email conversion rates. Also, The Datorama app helps you connect data sources from Pardot, Marketing Cloud Messaging, Journeys, and Google Analytics.

8. Einstein Learning Center

This allows you to identify your top cases and see how Einstein addresses your goals. Also, you can access the quick-start guide specifically designed for marketers. Other than that, This allows you to share your ideas using IdeaExchange with other Trailblazers and Salesforce product managers.

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