What’s New In Salesforce’s Latest Commerce Innovation

What’s New In Salesforce’s Latest Commerce Innovation

New Commerce Innovations from Salesforce have opened up new revenue streams in Sales, Service, and Marketing in the commerce cloud. With the power of AI, Data, and CRM companies can generate revenue with newly announced capabilities like Pay Now, Snapchat, Reorder Portal, and order support.

In the blog, we will check out what innovations are there in the Commerce Cloud and how they can bring magic to your businesses.

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Salesforce Innovations In Commerce Cloud

With no surprise, Salesforce innovations are constantly emerging and expanding their capabilities to every cloud. This time it is AI-driven commerce where you would be contacting customers at every touchpoint.

It’s time to get into the depth of innovation and understand what change it brings to the commerce cloud.

Listing down the newly embedded apps and integration in the Salesforce commerce cloud for you to get familiar with them

  • Reorder Portal Next Best Action To Our Customer

What exactly reorder portal is? As the name implies that it will generate a re-order portal for the customers based on their previous buying history with the power of Einstein AI. With this feature customers engage themselves in repeat buying with the personalized automated service without engaging themselves with sales representatives.

  • Embedding Order Support To Commerce Cloud

Contact center will be turned into a revenue generator by suggesting customers new sale opportunities. Unleashing the potential of Einstein AI the order support lures customers to some relevant sale opportunities based on the data of previous purchases during a service interaction.

  • Pay Now: Salesforce New Payment Feature

Now you can collect payment by embedding a checkout link of Pay Now into any Salesforce application. And the customers have the flexibility to transact with their favorite digital channel. This feature allows field agents to send payment links through text, mail, or report and get instant payment and complete the service request instantly.

  • Advertisement through Snapchat

With Snapchat commerce, you create wider visibility of your products by creating ads on the platform and increasing your reach to new audiences. Also, the Snapchatters can be directed to the store or allowed to checkout directly in the app.


  • ReOrder Portal, Pay Now, and Order Support are available now.
  • Snapchat for Business is in pilot testing and probably will launch this year.


With the innovation in the commerce cloud, salesforce offered the most innovative, flexible storefront for their businesses and opened doors to experience the AI era of business. These innovations will give a cutting edge to revenue generation.

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