Top 7 Salesforce Chrome Extensions that will Boost your Productivity

Top 7 Salesforce Chrome Extensions that will Boost your Productivity

If you are thinking about boosting your productivity and getting things done within less time, then you have landed in the right place. Today, we have shared the top 7 Salesforce Chrome extensions that make a Salesforce user’s day more productive and efficient.

Here are our picks of the best Salesforce Chrome extensions that will help you perform better and faster-

1. Salesforce Logins by Synebo

Salesforce Logins is a powerful solution that helps you manage your Salesforce credentials. This extension allows you quick and easy login to your Salesforce account. You can do Grouping, quick search, and one-click login to a new tab, window, or even incognito mode without verification codes.

  • This extension keeps your data secure.
  • The data stored will be automatically synced to any Chrome browser that the user has logged into.
  • Your sensitive data like password/ token is safely encrypted.
  • If you want, you can also use the PIN protection feature for additional security.

2. Quick Login As by Kyle Peterson

This tool is very useful for both Admins and Developers. It makes it easy for another user to login and also maintains the page currently viewed.

  • It gives a popup of the users listed on the user listing page allowing you to select to login as a different user on any page.
  • Also, when you log out, it will take you back to the page you were originally on when you logged in as another user.
  • Above all, there is a ‘View’ dropdown option available so you can just change to another user from the user listing page.

3. Salesforce ORGanizer by Enrico

With this smart extension for Salesforce, you do not need to remember Salesforce usernames and passwords and it also helps you recognize Salesforce tabs on your computer.

  • This allows you to store security tokens to avoid getting slowed down due to verification codes.
  • This lets you use the built-in Quick Link tool to quickly access your most used standard Salesforce Links.
  • Moreover, with ORGanizer, you can export a changelog that allows you to remove items just by clicking remove. This will save a lot of your time as you do not have to click next for every single item in the changelog.
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4. Boostr for Salesforce by Mattsimonis

As the name suggests, Boostr helps to boost admin and developer productivity on Salesforce. With this extension, the search & filter of items becomes easier.

  • It allows you to search, filter by type, and show all items of a given type on one page when adding items to a changeset.
  • Also, with Boostr you can display the API name next to field names when editing a fieldset. Check or uncheck all page layouts by default when creating a new field, along with other features.

5. Salesforce Navigator by Daniel Nakov

Salesforce Navigator makes it easy for you to navigate in and around Salesforce. Just type in what you need to do and this will take you there.

  • Salesforce is a pretty vast platform and sometimes it gets difficult to navigate through different pages for a specific activity.
  • With this extension, perform whatever action you want to by easily navigating through various pages.

6. Record and Metadata Comparator by Rajiv Bhatt

This powerful extension helps you compare Record data and object metadata in Salesforce.

  • It allows you to identify miss fields, change in formula, data type, value mismatch, etc.
  • With this extension, you can easily compare any two objects or their records from even the same or different orgs and highlight all the differences found.
  • Fields missing in target org, source org, metadata difference, field values & more.

7. Salesforce Admin Check All by Dan Pazehoski

Last but not least in the list is the Salesforce Admin Check All extension that will potentially help you in saving a lot of time.

  • Admins will not have to manually check all the checkboxes in a list.
  • It allows you to check all checkboxes on setup pages, instead of clicking on each of them individually.
  • This might come out as a small solution but while working this can save you a lot of time and will give you some relief from all the tedious clicking.

These were some of our picks for best Salesforce extensions that made it to the list. Hope that you find this useful. If you are looking forward to implementing any Salesforce services, you can get in touch with us. Our team with good technical knowledge, expertise and proven customer success would be more than happy to serve your needs. Get in touch with us by clicking Salesforce consulting services.