Top 6 Highlights of Salesforce Spring ’21 Release

Top 6 Highlights of Salesforce Spring ’21 Release

The time has come when Admins, Developers & Consultants get new features and functionality to play around with, and users get productive features and improved UI. Yes, you got it right! The global CRM leader Salesforce is back with its Spring release.

One of the many advantages of using Salesforce is that it continuously tries to deliver innovations that make our work easy. Salesforce does not like to come up with complicated upgrades that burden its customers. Hence, easy updates that are easy to implement are the priority of Salesforce.

Today, we will be sharing the top 6 highlights of the Spring ‘21 release. Let’s dive straight into these highlights-

Admins to control & manage records with Manual Sharing

This functionality will be available in Lightning Experience, where admins can manage with whom the record is shared and share any associated records.

This is for all the admins who are tired of switching back to Classic to share records and manage record share. Now, you can easily manage & share records within Salesforce with this functionality.

Do more with Salesforce Flow Updates

  • To take care of your processes and flows, Salesforce has rebranded its Lightning Flow to Salesforce Flow.
  • Admins can screen elements with multiple columns- configure screens; also, add up to 12 columns on a page.
  • Salesforce Flow Updates allow you to access prior values in a record-triggered flow.
  • With time-based flows, admins can configure flows to execute an action at a particular time. Also, this was previously available only through the process builder.
  • With Rich text emails, admins can have control over how their mails look and feel.

Salesforce Meetings

Salesforce is constantly on the verge of bringing innovations. And, This time, it will change the way sales reps interact with their clients. Meeting Digest and Meeting Studio are coming together to give us a preview. They will be able to try them as beta, pilot, or preview.

  • Meeting Digest- This will allow sales reps to see insights before a meeting. They can know who all are attending the meeting, reminders about meeting invitation responses and details, and other activities.
  • Meeting Studio –With Meeting Studio, Reps can show their camera and presentation in the same window to keep the meetings flowing. Also, this will help to avoid any awkward transitions that may occur while switching the content.
Salesforce Spring ’21

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Salesforce platform is all about changes and improvements. It has been constantly improving its Einstein Artificial Intelligence. It is now focusing on smaller orgs and those who are new to the platform.

Earlier, an org would need at least 2000 closed opportunities to turn on Einstein Opportunity Scoring. But now, Einstein gets the benefit of a global scoring model that uses anonymous aggregated data to allow everyone to score their opportunities.

In-App Learning

This feature allows admins to utilize public trailhead modules or my Trailhead modules to create Learning Paths. Moreover, you can use this tool to enhance internal training programs that are specific to your organization’s needs.

Branch Hierarchies

This is for the Financial Services Cloud. The Branch Management data model lets you define various things such as branch structure, employee and partner assignments. Also, this allows you to track activities and performance by branch.

Moreover, you can define branch hierarchies and personnel assignments with the Branch Unit, Business Member, and Banker Objects.

These were our top 6 highlights of the Salesforce Spring ‘21 release. If you have any further queries about the Salesforce Spring ‘21 release, you can get in touch with us. Also, if you are looking forward to Salesforce implementation services in your organization, we can help you. Contact us here, if you want us to schedule a personalized demo for you.