Top 5 Takeaways from Successful Salesforce Solopreneurs

Top 5 Takeaways from Successful Salesforce Solopreneurs

Hello Solopreneurs or would-be Solopreneurs, if we may call you so!

Did you know more than 770,000 people chose to be Solopreneurs in 2019 and decided to build a one-man brand for themselves?

Well, there are some considerable benefits of starting out solo, but there also are some challenges as we have already discussed in our previous blogs. Having said that, we have also noticed the dramatic rise of new solopreneurs in the last few years and there are plenty of them who have achieved great success in their business with the right tools and strategies.

So, if you are looking for some extra motivation to take the leap, here are some inspiring stories of Salesforce Solopreneurs who made it big with Salesforce.

Takeaways from Success stories

When speaking about Solopreneurs, we mean an individual who started a company and makes money from it by selling products or services to customers.

To truly succeed to become a Solopreneur, you will need to rely on Cloud Computing to run everything remotely, build tech support and create a community of collaborators.

In this context, the name of Salesforce Essentials is quite relevant. Salesforce Essentials CRM is specially designed for small businesses comprising a maximum of 10 members and empower solopreneurs to automate sales, manage leads and achieve success from anywhere.

We have included here the examples of 5 Solopreneurs who achieved success leveraging Salesforce Essentials.

1. Chad Grills, Chairman, and Co-Founder,

Chad Grills- Chairman - Outsource Salesforce- Salesforce- consultant is a media company that builds podcasts featuring C suite and special guests, leaders, influencers, and businessmen. They bring stories and sponsors together to present high-quality content on various domains. At present, it’s a team of 15 people and is growing rapidly with clients such as Dell, Salesforce, Spunk to name a few.

“Salesforce Essentials helps us focus on Revenue generation, combine that authenticity and you can break through the noise,” said Chad Grills, Chairman , and Co-Founder,

2. Meggie Palmer, CEO, and Founder Peptalkher

Meggie Palmer- CEO - Peptalkher-Outsource Salesforce- Salesforce- consultant

Peptalkher is a small company that works with the mission to close the gender pay gap. They have a free app and they also work in-house with Fortune 500 companies to help develop and retain talent.

During the pandemic, they had interaction and live sessions to educate people on how to automate finances, declutter their digital lives and stay positive. By managing customer insights with Salesforce CRM, they engaged more than 50,000 people with their videos and conversations.

“For us, having systems like Salesforce to help us manage relationships has been so important to our success. I have no doubt that will continue to be crucial to our business going into the future as well.”Meggie Palmer, CEO, and Founder, PepTalkHer

3. Lazlo Bock, CEO & Co- Founder of Humu

Lazlo bock- ceo-humu-Outsource Salesforce- Salesforce- consultant

Humu is a start-up run by former Google Chief HR, Lazlo Bock. This is a people management company that basically nudges people towards better work habits and unleashes their individual potentials. Mr. Lazlo aims to revolutionize people management with innovative methods to ensure people at work are both productive and happy.

Humu leverages Einstein activity capture in Salesforce Essentials to track and import all of the customer’s information into Salesforce without having to do it manually.

“Salesforce Essentials was an obvious choice. It’s perfectly suited for us when we were a five-person company and a ten-person company and as we grow.” Lazlo Bock, CEO & Co-Founder of Humu.

4. Scott Wilson, CEO, and Founder of

scott- wilson- ceo- thatsoftwareguy- outsource-salesforce- uk

Scott Wilson is the founder of which is an independent e-commerce software company. After being laid off during the recession, Scott was offered to build a shopping cart for a business website. With his profound knowledge of Software development, he started his own website and developed extensions to provide training and technical guidance to develop an e-commerce business and help people with ZenCart.

By seizing the potential of Salesforce Essentials, Scott created a set of tools to enable Zen Cart users to populate Salesforce accounts and contacts tables on their own.

“What I loved most about Salesforce Essentials is that it gave my productivity a boost by helping me organize all of the customers my data is in one place (easily categorized by customer). Before implementing Salesforce Essentials, I used a disconnected patchwork of other tools—Evernote, Google Drive, local directories on my Mac, etc.—to attempt to keep track of this information.”Scott Wilson, entrepreneur, and Trailblazer.

5. Melanie Fellay, CEO & Co-Founder, Spekit

Melanie Fellay- CEO- Spekit- outsource- salesforce- uk

Melanie Fellay has founded a company called Spekit. Spekit is a digital adoption and enablement platform for empowering teams with the knowledge required to be successful and productive in their defined roles. Melanie used Salesforce to connect and allow teams to build their training and knowledge around their fields, stages, and business processes.

“Pairing our technology with the Salesforce Platform ensured that we would be staying ahead of the curve and innovating at the same rate as one of the most powerful technology companies in the world.”Melanie Fellay, CEO & Co-Founder, Spekit

Final Thoughts

Those were some inspiring stories that you might want to take a cue from. Pour in thoughts and let us know how you like this coverage.

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