Top 5 Salesforce Integrations to enhance your sales teams performance

Top 5 Salesforce Integrations to enhance your sales teams performance

While Salesforce is known to be the best CRM for businesses, there are many apps that boost productivity and empower your team to work faster, smarter, and efficiently. Many businesses use Salesforce not only as a CRM but have integrated it with multiple apps to deliver important business processes.

Here are the top 5 Salesforce integrations that can help you boost your sales teams’ efficiency and performance.

1. Salesforce FormAssembly Integration

FormAssembly allows you to gather valuable customer feedback from the customers and directly save it into your CRM, saving your teams’ time, efforts, and increasing efficiency.

It enables you to build a form, integrate it with Salesforce, and do a critical analysis of the collected data with just a few clicks. You can create responsive forms for standard and custom Salesforce objects, create and update existing records, and capture new leads and prospects.

2. Salesforce LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn and Salesforce empower marketers and business leaders to generate powerful workflows. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables you to define your search and build a list according to your needs. It also improves the conversion rate by delivering personalized experiences to the customer.

For every name or email id you have, you find a person’s job title, experience, interests, and connections with Linkedin and SalesforceIntegration without even leaving the Salesforce. It allows you to find the people and companies with advanced search, save accounts and leads for you, and build new relationships with the customers.

3. Salesforce ActiveCampaign Integration

Designed for small companies, this marketing automation platform allows businesses to directly connect and engage with their customers.  With Salesforce and ActiveCampaign Integration, you can identify leads and convert them into prospects.

This integration allows you to unify ActiveCampaign contacts into Salesforce, automate personalized emails with respect to the current information, and automate email follow-ups.

4. Salesforce and Mission Control Integration

Mission Control is one of the best project management tools for Salesforce. It provides you with everything you need to execute a successful project. 

This native Salesforce project management software helps you manage complex program and project management or even simple process management. It offers Gantt charts, kanban whiteboards, resource capacity planning scheduler, timesheets, expense tracking, project templates, and a lot more.

5. Salesforce and Google Suite Integration

Enhance your business relationship with Salesforce and Google Suite Integration. This simple integration is the most effective of all. It allows the team to use Google sheets, docs, drive, calendar, and Gmail and boosts efficiency. 

The Salesforce and Google Suite Integration also allows you to deep dive into customers’ behavior and preferences by running analytics from Salesforce Sales and Marketing Cloud using Google Analytics. 


Salesforce integrations enhance your workflows and boost your teams’ productivity. We can help you integrate your Salesforce with these apps using Outsource Salesforce services to boost your efficiency and growth of your businesses.