Top 10 Salesforce Acquisitions of recent times

Top 10 Salesforce Acquisitions of recent times

The CRM mogul Salesforce has taken over many companies since its inception. The CRM industry is constantly evolving and Salesforce, being a leader in Cloud technology, keeps on dabbling into new technology and products to enhance its product line and stay ahead of the competition. With acquisitions of companies from diverse industries, Salesforce has over 67 acquisitions to date.

Today, in this blog, we will take a look at Salesforce’s recent acquisition of some big tech companies that explains Salesforce’s aim to venture into new horizons and reign the top position.

List of companies Salesforce acquired in recent years


The slack acquisition is perhaps the most expensive acquisition in Salesforce’s history. In the wake of the pandemic, Salesforce completed its acquisition of Slack to deliver a smooth virtual working experience to its users. The combined capabilities of Slack and Salesforce have transformed the work processes in the work-from-anywhere world.

Cost: $27.7 billion Official Announcement on July 21, 2021


Salesforce acquired Sales Enablement company LevelJump to strengthen Sales Cloud capabilities. Sales engagement and Sales enablement are the niche areas that complement Salesforce CRM. Salesforce conquered the sales engagement space by acquiring High-Velocity Sales, and with LevelJump it has covered the sales enablement base also.

Cost: Undisclosed amount Took place on October 1, 2021


Salesforce announced that it will acquire RPA company ServiceTrace and will merge it with Mulesoft. Salesforce has entered into a definitive agreement, and the acquisition will be completed by the third quarter of Salesforce financial year 2022. This was Salesforce’s first acquisition deal in 2021, and with this, Salesforce aims to venture into the Robotic Automation industry.

Cost: Undisclosed amount Official Announcement: 2 August 2021


This interesting acquisition speaks a lot about Salesforce’s zeal to excel in every realm. Acumen is a leading professional services company having deep expertise in Salesforce architecture, and Salesforce acquired Acumen to enhance its Professional Services division. Together Salesforce and Acumen Solutions help customers go digital and transform their industry.

Cost: $570M Took Place on :1 February 2021


Vlocity provides industry-specific cloud and mobile software solutions. Like LevelJump, it is also native to the Salesforce platform, and with this company onboard, Salesforce delivers stronger technology and capabilities for customers to meet their specific needs.

Cost: $1.33 billion Took place on June 1, 2020


Adding another feature to its hat, Salesforce acquired Evergage, a leading Cloud personalization and customer data platform for real 1:1 personalization. Salesforce’s move to acquire Evergage is to combat Abode’s market dominance in marketing and customer experience technology.

Cost: $6.5 billion Took place on February 3, 2020

Salesforce- acquisitions- list- 2021

Click Software

Click Software is a leading company in providing Field Service Management solutions. The acquisition of Click Software combined with Salesforce’s Field Service lightning feature will help Salesforce deliver innovative, intelligent, and complete field service solutions on the Cisutomer360 platform.

Cost : $1.35 billion Took Place on October 1, 2019


The world’s leading analytics platform, Tableau was incorporated into the Salesforce ecosystem for a whopping amount. One of the expensive deals by Salesforce, Tableau’s acquisition enables Salesforce customers to unlock the power of data and offer intelligent customer experiences.

Cost: $15.7 billion Took Place on August 1, 2019


Salesforce acquired Datorama, a Cloud-based, AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform for businesses to strengthen Marketing Cloud with expanded data integration and intelligence for marketers to leverage the power of data.

Cost: $850M Took Place on August 20, 2018


Salesforce purchased Mulesoft in one of its largest acquisitions to give its customers the ability to unlock data across legacy systems and clouds. Mulesoft is the world’s leading platform for building networks delivering differentiated customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Cost: $6.5B Took Place on May 2, 2018

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