The Future of Healthcare Industries with Salesforce AI Integration

The Future of Healthcare Industries with Salesforce AI Integration

The healthcare industry is going through major revolutionary changes driven by advancements in technology, i.e., the integration of artificial intelligence.

Today, Salesforce is considered the most reliable and efficient customer relationship management platform that provides advanced functionalities for the healthcare industry. And with its latest AI offerings in all its products, including healthcare cloud, the platform is quicking becoming the go to platform for healthcare providers to deliver fast and personalized healthcare.

The data in Salesforce is secure and can be accessed by both healthcare professionals and patients. Salesforce Health Cloud is specifically designed to improve the patient’s experience and help them get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

In this blog, we will explore the potential of Salesforce AI integration to transform the future of the healthcare system.

The Future of Healthcare Industries with Salesforce AI Integration, Salesforce Health Cloud

Future Of Healthcare Industries With AI

AI has impacted every industry across the world but the significant impact would be on healthcare if we were able to maintain correct input data to our AI models. In the healthcare industry accuracy or the prediction of machine learning models will play a significant role.

Here are some ways the healthcare industry can leverage the benefit of Salesforce AI-

Customized Treatment Plan:

The integrated AI in Salesforce analyzes the patient’s data and its medical records to create personalized treatment plans. It considers a lot of factors before customizing a treatment plan for the patient; it calculates the medical history of the patient, genetic information, and real-time data if the patient wears any fitness device.

This helps healthcare experts recommend more informed and better healthcare plans to patients.

Virtual Health Consultations:

With the help of Salesforce and integrated AI, telemedicine has become the new norm. Patients are now easily able to connect on time with doctors from the comfort of their homes. They are now able to address their not-so-emergency situation via virtual consultations.

Health Apps and Portals:

The digital transformation in healthcare is now transforming the accuracy of diagnosis. It also helps in automating tasks and handling large amounts of data. The health apps provide valuable insights into the daily habits and physical activities performed by the patient, so that the right treatment and exercises can be suggested by the doctors.

Patient Data Analysis:

Now sharing data from one healthcare industry to another is easier than ever before. Sharing of information helps in better coordination in order to have seamless coordination for correct diagnosis and proper treatment of the patient.

Research and Discoveries:

With the help of AI, it is now much easier for the research department to work on making new drugs by analyzing vast amounts of data and performing various clinical trials to gather information on the efficacy of the treatment.


Salesforce Healthcare Cloud is transforming the lives of both patients and doctors. Now, treating patients with the right treatment and diagnosing the issues on time has become quite accurate.
With better patient-centric care, enhanced communication tools, and accurate clinical tests and trials, the future of the healthcare department is becoming more accurate, reliable, and accessible.

So if you’re looking for the seamless implementation of the Salesforce healthcare cloud or trying to understand and explore these features, book a call to talk to our expert at Outsource Salesforce.