Salesforce’s biggest event ‘Dreamforce To You 2020’ just got over!: Key Highlights

Salesforce’s biggest event ‘Dreamforce To You 2020’ just got over!: Key Highlights

The global pandemic has changed everything, from the way we live to the way we work. Usually, at this time of the year, Trailblazers fly to San Francisco to become a part of the biggest software conference. But this year, Salesforce brought the magic of Dreamforce to our kitchens & living rooms!

Dreamforce To You 2020 was a 4-day grand event that happened virtually for the first time in its 17-years of history. So, if you couldn’t watch the live event, you are in the right place. In this article, we have elaborated the 4-day event in the best possible way. The event started on December 2nd with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s keynotes. This keynote included Salesforce’s vision for the future, celebrating customers’ success, and all the innovations that helped companies succeed in the new normal.

The Highlights of Dreamforce To You 2020-

Day 1: All things Customer 360

  1. Marketing Cloud Innovation and Release: Grow connections, know your client, adapt each communication, and upgrade the effect across email, social, promotions, web, and investigation with the intensity of Einstein Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Change Consumer Experiences: A confided arrangement of outlines, structures, and best practices that control you to interface showcasing, eCommerce, and administration to change the purchaser experience.
  3. Quickly Scale Service Across any channel: Connect each touchpoint, power insight with information and computerization, scale commitment with AI-controlled chatbots, convey advanced experience quicker.
  4. Interpret Social Responsibility into Code: An advanced human encounter to front line innovation instill your association’s natural, social, and corporate administration (ESG) activities down to the code.
  5. Experience Cloud: It is a coordinated effort of instruments that associate clients, accomplices, and workers straightforwardly to the data, applications, and specialists they need.

Day 2: Working in the Current times

  1. Building a Data Culture with Tableau: Tableau helps the world’s largest enterprise customers effectively build up a Data Culture. It empowers pioneers to construct trust, growth, and drive responsibility around their information during this uncommon time.
  2. Climate Action with Salesforce: With Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, one can follow, examine, and report natural information to diminish carbon emissions and drive sustainability.
  3. Building a Culture of Giving Back: Salesforce’s Pledge 1% welcomes all business visionaries and their organizations to submit significant assets (item, time, and assets) to help coordinate magnanimity into their business from an early phase.
Salesforce Dreamforce To You 2020

Day 3: All about Customer Success

Day 4: Skill up with Trailhead

  1. Build Connected Experiences on Salesforce: Build modern customer and employee experiences on the Salesforce Platform with the latest innovations in Lightning Web Components, event-driven architectures, and Salesforce Functions.
  2. Building Amazing Integrations with Apex: Importance of increasing more and more of business logic that takes the form of a synchronized work in the Salesforce platform.
  3. Lightning Web Components: The Lightning Web Component Framework gives the structure blocks expected to make new encounters that work inside and outside of Salesforce.  Also, Creating custom connections utilizing the new NPM Base Components package, customize those cooperations with SLDS styling hooks.
  4.  Future of APIs at Salesforce: The body of a Composite Graph API demand comprises diagrams, each of which may contain different composite subrequests.
  5. Everything New in Salesforce Developer Tools: Salesforce Developer Tools help you to collaborate successfully with your entire team with the latest updates in Dev Tools including the new SOQL Query Builder.

Wrap up

This year’s Dreamforce was one of its kind as it was online and had all the latest innovations. Also, If you are looking forward to including these innovations in your organization, we give you the best Salesforce Implementation services. Our team has just the right knowledge, experience, and expertise to take your business to the next level! Contact us  now to schedule a demo.