Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release – A quick glance at the new features in Sales & Service

Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release – A quick glance at the new features in Sales & Service

The Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release preview showcases all the new features Salesforce has come up with this winter. The release that will be available from the 17th of October onwards, has some new features that we’re excited to unfold for you.

Salesforce has included new innovative and thoughtful solutions to help businesses solve and scale their business processes.

Let us quickly browse through all the New Features in Sales & Service to be released by Salesforce

Here, we’ll be swiftly going through the new features, Salesforce will be releasing in its Winter ‘23 Release for Sales & Services.

Dynamic Forms Enhancements

Dynamic forms enable you to migrate the fields and sections as individual components from the page layouts. It also allows them to be configured in the same way as other components of the page can be.

You can also control the fields and sections you want to display. These are available for Accounts (both person and business), Contacts, and opportunities.

Sales Cadence Screen Flow

Screen flow technology will enable you to add new steps in sales cadence steps.

Subscription Quotes

Subscription quotes allow you more flexibility in closing subscription deals. You can do much more concerning subscription-based products like making discounts, approving and sharing pdfs for signature, etc.

Territory Planning Enhancements

This feature will allow you to custom define rules for a streamlined territory planning process where you can cut and carve territories by different fields.

Forecasting Enhancements

Now you can customize your forecasts precisely to your needs.

Broadcast Communication

You can effortlessly make status updates and broadcast to your wide audience across all channels using broadcast communication.


Amazon Connect Enhancements for Service Cloud Voice

Reaching out to customers becomes easier with this enhancement that allows contacting a large number of customers with outbound, predictive dialing.

Facebook Messenger Enhancements

Further your automation while having control over sending the conversation to an agent or AI.

Preventive Maintenance Enhancements

This new feature will help you provide better customer service by creating preventive maintenance plans. The maintenance plan is based on customer usage and can be automated.

Article and Reply Recommendation Enhancements

Get resourceful recommendations using this new feature that also provides a comprehensive dashboard. Allowing you insights that can help to view areas for improvement and much more.

Wrap up

In this article, we have covered all the new features that Salesforce will be releasing this October. Hope you find the article resourceful. Want resourceful insights on how these new features can be best implemented in your business? Book a consultation with outsource Salesforce now!