A glimpse into the Salesforce Winter 21 Release Preview

A glimpse into the Salesforce Winter 21 Release Preview

The Winter 21 Release has many new and exciting innovations across the Salesforce platform including Work.com customer apps, Customer 360 Audiences, Security center, and Salesforce.org Elevate. 

Let’s dive deep into them!


Work.com has three new customer apps. 

  1. Queue Management: It connects digital and in-person experiences safely.
  2. Broadcast Messaging: It allows you to reach the customer faster and more effectively.
  3. Digital Trust Cards: It helps you to reinforce customers’ trust and increases buyer confidence.

Marketing Cloud

Customer 360 Audiences help marketers unify their data to enable personalized interactions. It is Salesforce’s enterprise wide customer data platform solution, enabling marketers to capture, unify, segment, and activate all their customer data. 

It provides marketers with a single source of truth for their customers and makes that data available for creating personalized experiences across every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Platform Services

Security Center is a tool for monitoring all your tenant’s security settings in one app. After all, maintaining security, privacy, and governance policies across multiple tenants is crucial and often time-intensive work. 

Use the Security Center to see who to see who’s logging in with which authentication protocols, review permission and assignment changes, and more. You can even review average and per tenant health check scores without going to each tenant’s health check page.


Elevate now has a range of new digital fundraising capabilities that can help teams exceed their goals. Giving pages enables teams to create out of the box donation forms connected to their payment provider while payment services seamlessly integrate the gift data from these online payments into Salesforce via gift entry manager or non-profit success pack.

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