5 Must-Have Salesforce Tools that Help You Get More Sales

5 Must-Have Salesforce Tools that Help You Get More Sales

If you want to boost your productivity in such unprecedented times, then you need to do something more than just marketing. You need to get maximum productivity by utilizing some of the Salesforce tools that not only declutter your data but give you powerful insights to act upon them. 

Something as powerful as Salesforce has a lot to offer. It is the world’s number one CRM and knows how to work with the limited resources that you might have. Today, we have shared some of the Salesforce tools that help you boost sales. 

Here are our top picks for Salesforce tools that can enhance your sales-

Salesforce CPQ

The Salesforce CPQ software helps you deliver branded proposals within Sales Cloud and configure quotes with speed and accuracy. This powerful Salesforce tool enables you to submit error-free proposals every time that lets you generate more leads. 

You can also streamline pricing, discounting, and approvals that help you spend less time in spreadsheets and emails and gives you more time to sell & close deals.

Additionally, you can manage subscription-based billings with CPQ software that makes sending invoices and collecting payments simpler. 


With Pardot you can generate more leads for your business, create personalized touchpoints, and most importantly connect with the right leads and calculate marketing ROI.

Lead generation- This enables you to use powerful email marketing, custom landing pages, smarter lead capture forms, and a central marketing dashboard that helps you get more leads for your business.

Create highly personalized email campaigns that help you close more deals. Also, it enables you to see how prospects are reacting to your content with advanced email reporting.

Salesforce Inbox

This helps you keep your CRM data up to date in real-time, all the time.  You can instantly update CRM with sales data from your inbox.

Moreover, this lets you log customer communications automatically leaving behind all the manual-errors.

You get more time to sell using your Salesforce Inbox as it is fast and powerful. Additionally, helps you to speed up your emails with templates and personalized messaging that streamline prospect reach.

Einstein Sales Analytics

With this powerful tool, you can gain pipeline visibility, track team performance, and uncover new opportunities to grow your business. 

Additionally, Einstein Discovery allows you to find hidden insights and get intelligent recommendations that help you to sell smarter and faster. 

This also enables you to explore data, spot trends, and access a full view of key performance indicators with you and your team being at different places.

Sales Cloud Einstein

The smart Sales Cloud Einstein helps you analyze your CRM data to learn what separates deals won from deals lost. Then, it highlights the top leads and what steps you can take to close them. 

It tells you the deals more likely to close based on your data. You can tackle the best leads first with Einstein Lead Scoring.

Also, It gives reps more time to sell by connecting your email to the calendar and Salesforce.

These powerful Salesforce tools can help you generate more sales in no time but for that, you might be thinking of its implementation. We at Outsource Salesforce are ready to serve you with all our dedicated skills on your tasks. We have a strong, knowledgeable team that has proven customer success. If you would like to talk to us you can contact us.