Salesforce to launch standards for mobile apps to verify Covid-19 vaccine processes

Salesforce to launch standards for mobile apps to verify Covid-19 vaccine processes

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Salesforce is all set to launch global standards for mobile apps that will be capable of verifying if someone has received the Covid vaccine or not. Also, the report states ‘The Vaccination Credential Initiative’ standard would feature data that includes name and birthdate. You can also display it with the help of a QR code scanner.

So, let’s deep dive into the blog and see what it is all about;

What will the standards for mobile apps do?

The Open-source-based standards would allow you to know whether the people have been vaccinated or not when integrated into mobile applications. Hence, you will be able to identify the vaccination status before permitting them to enter the office, restaurants, or any other public place. 

Also, going by the report, the standards will be first integrated with apps CommonPass and CommonHealth. The former allows people to manage and share their health data, whereas the latter allows them to show their Covid-19 health status.

Salesforce has announced to integrate the health pass with its platform.

Other than that, Google is also keeping an eye on the developments made by The Vaccination Credential Initiative. We stand ready to engage with public health bodies and other organizations to understand their requirements,” a Google spokesperson said.

The Salesforce move!

Salesforce is always on the lookout to make the lives of the people easier and this time, it is about vaccinations. Also, Salesforce is continuously working and coming up with smart innovations that would not only help in the smooth distribution of vaccines but would help people to live a sustainable life. 

Let’s see how these innovations will result in making the vaccination processes easier. Also, if you want to implement Salesforce services into your business, you can reach out to us. Our highly skilled Salesforce Developers have just the right expertise to take your business to the next level. Click here  to schedule your personalized demo call with experts!