Salesforce To Acquire Airkit: What This Acquisition Could Mean In Salesforce Industry

Salesforce To Acquire Airkit: What This Acquisition Could Mean In Salesforce Industry

Salesforce is all set to acquire Airkit and move a step ahead toward implementing the latest AI innovations. This acquisition may enhance the generative AI capabilities and hence lead to the implementation of AI in every industry and ease customers’ lives.

What is Airkit into? Airkit provides an AI agent platform that focuses on effectively solving customers’ queries. The future of customer engagement depends on the kind of data available. Salesforce’s acquisition aims to strengthen its customer service with the AI agent empowered with the Einstein 1 platform.

How Salesforce acquiring Airkit will influence the journey of the CRM giant? In the blog, we will discuss how this acquisition would impact the Salesforce industry and the customer’s businesses. So, let’s start.

How the Airkit Acquisition Will Impact Salesforce?

Airkit provides a code-free AI agent especially built for commerce. It is powered by Open AI GPT-4 and majorly focuses on customer queries like order status, return, or product support. It is a Salesforce AppExchange partner that provides omni-channel customer engagement resolving more than 90% of queries instantly.

Salesforce To Acquire Airkit, AI innovations

Enhance Generative AI Capabilities

Airkit conversational AI capabilities will be enhanced with the data power of the Einstein 1 Platform. Einstein 1 platform provides you with data from Data Cloud where data is integrated from different platforms.

For any generative AI tool data is the fuel. So with Salesforce, the large set of data infused with the trust layer can be utilized for the best functioning of any model. The capabilities of the AI agent of Airkit will be enhanced and it will resolve queries with 100% accuracy and hence enhance customer satisfaction.

Delighted Customer Experience In Service Cloud

Airkit has built a suite of omni-channel customer engagement AI tools, which resolve all customer queries. Surely, it will enhance the Salesforce service cloud. Airkit implementation on the service cloud will enhance customers’ experience. As a Salesforce customer, we would be able to give amazing AI experiences to our clients and develop a good database of delighted customers.

With Airkit AI agent maximum queries will be resolved at the very first stage. Because of the strong database on the data cloud, the AI agent (BOT) can have a wider picture of each client, along with the previous and current issues in real-time. It will deliver an accurate solution to the customer’s query and also save you time as a business owner.

Personalized Experience Across Different Clouds

The Airkit capabilities deliver accurate personalized answers to customer queries. Other Clouds like Sales Cloud or Marketing Cloud will definitely benefit from this acquisition. Consumers are becoming self-centered and are happier in having personalized experiences in any domain. So this Salesforce acquisition could be a solution to give a more personalized experience to the consumer. As Salesforce customers we will be able to achieve our business goals.

Final Thought

With the Airkit acquisition, Salesforce would expand its AI capabilities across the platform. Salesforce is leading the way in acing AI and expanding its CRM capabilities ensuring customer satisfaction. We may witness more AI acquisitions in the future too as it may bring rare talent to flourish smoothly.

AI has a long way to go and so Salesforce is harnessing every bit of this technology. Salesforce is improvising, modifying, and creating an ethical environment for the customers which will develop a new era of business model. With this thought wrapping up the blog, stay tuned for the most relevant blog in the Salesforce industry. Also, don’t forget to book a call with our AI Salesforce Expert at Outsource Salesforce!