Salesforce supercharges Contact Center with new real-time innovations

Salesforce supercharges Contact Center with new real-time innovations

Salesforce’s new technology in Salesforce Contact Center brings automation and intelligence to contact centers that will not only help transform customer interactions but also cut down costs that your business is constantly pouring into these services.

Salesforce Cloud Contact Center includes an extensive set of features that enable agents to get real-time data from different channels, even from bots and self-service hubs. And transform their contact centers into automated and intelligent customer service hubs for any industry like the Finance industry, Healthcare industry, etc.

This new Salesforce innovation will help your agents deliver solutions faster with more personalization while saving costs. Let us look at the capabilities and products included in Salesforce Service Cloud Contact Center –

Salesforce supercharges Contact Center with new real-time innovations

Key features of the Salesforce Contact Center

The capabilities included in the Salesforce Service Cloud Contact Center will enable agents to deliver incredible services in real-time. Agents empowered with these products and capabilities will be able to do more with less owing to the unified data available to them in real-time.

1. Service Cloud Voice

This product allows agents to turn voice into a part of Salesforce to enable speedy and personalized customer service. Telephony connectors are available in the Salesforce AppExchange as bundled services or as partner services that can be used by customers.

2. Digital Engagement

This product offers flexibility to contact centers to connect with customers through any channel like WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Web messaging, or mobile.

3. Self-Service

With Self-Service customers can use self-help pages and connect with AI bots to resolve frequently asked questions. This decreases customer query volume.

4. Feedback Management

With Feedback Management, you can collect real-time, actionable feedback from customers through in-built surveys in Service Cloud to drive informed business decisions.

5. Einstein Conversation Insights

Teams can leverage customer interactivity analysis produced by Einstein Conversation Insights to identify conversation inclinations, plan the best action and use data-driven insights to mentor service agents.

6. Shift Scheduling and Omni Routing

This intelligent feature helps companies to organize work schedules in the most effective ways. It makes schedules according to demand and directs work to the appropriate agent regardless of the channel.


The new Salesforce Contact Center is an incredible technology to bring intelligent automation to your customer service in real time. Do you need this for your business as well? Outsource Salesforce helps businesses bring smart tailored solutions to the table. So, book a Salesforce Consultation demo with us to discuss your success plan today!