Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release Notes are Here: Key Highlights

Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release Notes are Here: Key Highlights

The world’s leading CRM giant recently released its Summer ‘21 release notes, and we can’t keep calm. The time has come when Salesforce users, admins, and developers get new features to play around with. But, hold on, it is just the release notes, and people are going berserk about it.

So, today we thought of sharing some important features that you can see in the Summer’21 release. Prepare yourself to do the most out of Salesforce with these life-saving features. These features will come into effect immediately after the Summer release goes live.


Once the release goes live, you will be able to analyze and update the data at the same time with inline editing from the Report Run Page in Lightning Experience. Also, now Salesforce users can experiment in Tableau CRM Data Prep. Now, you can undo changes and revert to previous versions. You can also boost dashboard building just by copying and pasting widgets across Tableau CRM dashboards.


If you want to delight your customers with 1:1 customer journeys, then Marketing Cloud is the solution for you. It allows you to have a single view of your customers while leveraging data from any source. Also, you can plan and optimize customer journeys according to your business needs. Now you can deliver personalized content across multiple channels just at the right time, precisely.


Now you can boost email engagement with Einstein Send Time Optimization and understand your customers better with Einstein. Also, an improvement version of Pardot Object Sync would now be generally available along with account-based campaign management tools.

Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release Notes


With Pipeline Inspection, your sales team gets a single pipeline view that helps them focus on the important deals. Also, your sales team can create and manage forecast types to get several options and an improved experience. Furthermore, you get better email engagement data and improved email templates for your business. With Salesforce Meetings, reps get better insights to keep the deals moving.


With the Summer ‘21 release, you will get to update permissions, enable settings, browse performance improvements and assign new permission sets. Also, you can use a new required picklist.


Now you can enjoy new Service Cloud tools to scale and streamline your business processes to provide a unified service experience with the power of automation. Besides, you can use Workforce Engagement to streamline your contact center operation with data-driven tools.

Furthermore, you can use the full power of Service Cloud Voice by integrating it with the telephony provider of your choice.

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