Salesforce rolls on New Partner program to empower consulting partners

Salesforce rolls on New Partner program to empower consulting partners

The global CRM leader Salesforce has rolled in new features in their Partner program for consulting partners.

The Salesforce economy is thriving and is projected to generate new revenues that will contribute to $1.56 trillion globally by 2026. Businesses around the world hire Salesforce consulting companies to help them with CRM adoption and its successful implementation. According to Salesforce, 70% of customer implementations are led by partners. Hence, Salesforce introduced the Salesforce Partner Program to empower the partners with innovative tools, guidance, support, and expertise to solve critical business challenges.

Recently, Salesforce has made some additions to this program for 2022 which will benefit partners even more. Check out these new changes in the following sections.

A production license for Pardot plus

The Pardot plus is a beneficial tool for partners as it enables them to drive lead generation, get powerful insights and automate marketing efforts. From now onwards, Ridge, Crest, Summit ISV, and Consulting Partners will get the full production license on Pardot plus so that they can generate more prospect engagement.

Program fee waived off

Earlier, partners had to pay a hefty annual fee to be their consulting partners. From the Financial year 2023, this fee has been removed. Salesforce urges partners to spend their money to develop their business instead.


New enhancements to Community tracker

There will be new developments in Partner Navigator and Navigation objects. This development includes enhanced search capabilities that will display partners easily on Salesforce AppExchange based on their expertise matching the business criteria.

Technical Support

Salesforce’s Premier Success plan provides round-the-clock support to developers and engineers in a quicker time frame. This plan is now available to all partners. This is extremely helpful, especially for small consulting businesses that have lesser in-house support.

AppExchange Chat

Newly available to the partners, this feature helps them optimize their AppExchange listing. The partners can now connect with customers or partners in real-time using a chat widget without ever leaving the AppExchange.

Wrap Up

So, these were the new changes for partners to innovate, engage and deliver customer success with Salesforce. If you liked this news, check our blogs and follow us on all our social media handles! And, if you have any Salesforce project that needs expert guidance from the Salesforce Consulting company, do not hesitate to contact us. Reach out to us anytime!