Salesforce Predictions for 2021: Best innovations that will help Salesforce reach new heights

Salesforce Predictions for 2021: Best innovations that will help Salesforce reach new heights

The world’s number one CRM leader Salesforce has once again come up with another smart innovation. Salesforce on Tuesday launches Loyalty Management that aims to build customer loyalty programs for B2B and B2C companies.

Also, It is built on the Customer 360 platform and would allow businesses to deliver better customer experience throughout the customer journey.

Let’s see the key features of the Salesforce Loyalty Management service.

Education Cloud to leverage

Education Cloud works on the mission of empowering students with education institutions that have the right technology to manage the entire K-20 lifecycle. Also, Education Cloud has helped most people thrive in the new normal. It gives a complete view of every learner with digital-first engagements across the entire student lifecycle. will help nonprofits, educational institutions, and philanthropic organizations to use its software for free or at discounted rates.

Moreover, with, educational institutions will get a platform to work and integrate with Salesforce to create a strong momentum. Salesforce will expand its vast resources to help its customers and partners drive value through greater innovation and efficiency.

Salesforce Health Cloud to leverage Vlocity

Health Cloud will help equip the team with a 360-degree view that would enable you to engage, connect with every patient, member, employer, and partner.

With Vlocity, you will be able to extend the power of Salesforce to deliver omnichannel and mobile experiences. Health Cloud will also help to attract more patients with 1-to-1 journeys. Moreover, Vlocity Health focuses more on the commercial side but Salesforce will help Vlocity to focus on the utilization and care management side.

Salesforce Predictions for 2021
Pic: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

Salesforce Marketing Cloud to leverage Evergage

Marketing Cloud uses several tools to help a brand develop interactions with its customers. This solution by Salesforce also helps businesses to improve customer experiences and boost productivity.

Moreover, Marketing Cloud enables us to monitor, plan, analyze, and make decisions for our business in real-time.

Salesforce acquired Evergage for its personalization that would benefit its Marketing Cloud. Also, Salesforce will provide the best 360-degree solutions to its customers and enhance the personalization and CDP Platforms in the coming year.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud to leverage CPQ, Tableau

Revenue Cloud allows B2B businesses to make their customers’ buying experience fast while taking care of accuracy and compliance. Also, it helps to accelerate revenue streams and boosts revenue efficiency.

It is a part of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform that would help to deliver a single source of revenue and customer transactions by connecting all the teams.

According to our prediction, Salesforce CPQ and Tableau will help to boost Revenue Cloud. Also, CPQ will help sales reps quickly generate quotes for orders, while Tableau will allow them to analyze the income generated from those orders.

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