Salesforce Powers Up Service Cloud With A New Analytics App

Salesforce Powers Up Service Cloud With A New Analytics App

Just think for a moment: what if you get a heads up about an escalation and could resolve it then and there just by following a conversation between a client and a service team even before a client has actually complained? Or you are seamlessly able to predict the possibility of issues that might arise or may scale customer satisfaction perfectly while providing the services to your potential customers.

It sounds like you have a perky geeky assistant helping you with everything before it gets really big, doesn’t it? 

Well, welcome to the future!

Salesforce has launched Service Intelligence, a powerful analytic app for the service cloud that is designed to enhance customer satisfaction and increase productivity.

What is Service intelligence?

Service Intelligence is an app that will help users by giving them access to all their data directly from the service cloud. 

It is basically a data-driven solution that helps you determine whether the expectations of clients are being met or not by giving easy-to-understand data visualization

What does service intelligence consist of?

It consists of data cloud, CRM analytics, and Einstein conversation mining, which further combine customer data, key performance indicators (KPIs), and artificial intelligence (AI), thus holding the capability to suggest service teams with appropriate solutions to meet the expectations of the customers.

“With Service Intelligence driven by AI, companies can bridge the gap between data and action, turning raw data into valuable customer insights. This empowers service professionals with the right information to deliver on their core mission: delivering exceptional customer experiences.”


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Were the problems so grave that these changes had to take place?

Did you know the world has seen a huge upsurge in AI adoption from 2020 to 2022? 

We know that advancement in technology is the need of the hour, to increase productivity to achieve desired results. Thus, the adoption of AI has become imperative. 

Also, today, 63% of service experts say AI has been helping them speed up their customer service.

Service providers are now able to have an edge in the competitive market just by adopting AI, which means they are now able to make well-informed decisions right on time to build stronger relationships with their customers. 

Now just imagine how things would have been if customer relations were handled without any technological help. 

Got your answer, right? 

So, what’s this new kid called “Service Intelligence” got in his toy bag?

  • Einstein Conversation Mining

It makes it easier for service providers and leaders to spot patterns quickly and address consumer concerns early on by using AI to analyze customer conversations and thus train the bots to present a self-help article in response to a customer’s support request.

  • Pre-Built Service Dashboards

In order to enhance customer interactions, it gives managers and service agents access to critical case metrics such as customer satisfaction scores and the overall number of escalated cases, as well as AI-powered insights through Einstein Conversation Mining.

  • Tableau Integration

With just one click, users can now effortlessly begin exploring data in Tableau straight from the service intelligence dashboard. Additionally, users can configure Tableau’s built-in visualizations in service intelligence to communicate insights with their teams.

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The core objective of any organization is to meet the expectations of its customers, build a stronger relationship with its potential customers, and increase productivity.

With the implementation of service intelligence propelled by AI in Service Cloud, companies can keep their heads above water.

Turning the raw data into valuable customer insights is a doddle because of service intelligence, thus empowering service experts to gather the right information at the right time with just a few clicks to deliver the best service to their customers.

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