Salesforce Maps Update: New Territory Planning Innovations for Sales

Salesforce Maps Update: New Territory Planning Innovations for Sales

After strengthening the Sales Cloud with new features in the Spring ’22 release, Salesforce has recently announced new Salesforce Maps Territory planning innovations for sales teams.

Aimed for empowering the sales operations leader to drive maximum revenue, these new innovations will provide flexibility to plan territories across the field, digital, and hybrid selling models, keeping in account the expertise of reps, seniority, and other factors that constrain capacity.

Most companies assign territories to the sales team who live and work there.

The process of territory assignment is quite tedious and, with hybrid working models taking precedence over in-person selling in the last two years, designing effective territory planning has become very complicated for sales leaders.

Therefore, the global CRM leader has expanded Salesforce Maps with innovations to enable sales leaders to access territory mapping needs, revamp their selling models and assign coverage based on role, expertise, and location.

Let us get hindsight to the new features of Salesforce maps in the subsequent sections. Read on!

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New innovations of Salesforce Maps

To begin with, Salesforce Maps enables local data visualization for better route optimization and live tracking, along with the addition of new territory planning capability.

Sales Cloud Implementation and accessing new innovations in Salesforce Maps will surely help the sales team increase revenue with enhanced flexibility and efficiency. The innovations for territory planning includes-

• Territory planning for selling on digital platforms
This plan offers the flexibility to create territory planning models across the field, digital and hybrid workspaces, and quickly design territories that reflect their sales process.

• Workload Variation
The territory planning For workload variation enables sales leaders to weigh the skill set of reps, seniority, and other constraining factors while balancing territories. This plan also benefits new hires to get up to speed confidently, when assigned territories with a reduced scope.

• Territory planning for team selling
This feature fosters collaboration and communication across different teams by enabling the teams to plan related territories.
Instead of designing territories from scratch, leaders can align an existing relevant territory with the new one to improve collaboration and sales effectiveness.

Summing Up

The territory planning innovations in Salesforce maps are globally available now.
So, Gear up to utilize the capabilities in Maps and Sales Cloud to increase your sales revenue.

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