Salesforce launches the next generation of MuleSoft

Salesforce launches the next generation of MuleSoft

Recently, Salesforce announced the next generation of Mulesoft that combines automation, integration, and API to automate workflows easily.

As the demand for automation surges in 90% of companies, integration roadblocks to automation also arises because of the increased data and system management challenges.

Apart from that, whenever new systems are added, or business specifications change. 96% of the companies struggle to modify their existing automation.

To address these concerns, Salesforce expands MuleSoft to bring a new easy-to-use solution clubbing MuleSoft RPA and Mule Soft Composer to enable automation of complex tasks across legacy systems.

Know the capabilities of the unified platform

The next-gen unified Mulesoft Solution now has the no-code capabilities to automate mundane and repetitive tasks using bots with MuleSoft RPA and connect data quickly with any system with MuleSoft Composer.

Further, all these capabilities are integrated into Salesforce Flow to help increase productivity, provide better experiences and save time.

Plus, this integration-automation solution by Mulesoft empowers teams from Sales, Service IT, etc. to create integrations and automation quickly, driving value to their business

Salesforce launches the next generation MuleSoft-outsource salesforce

What can you do with the next-gen Mulesoft solution

Connect applications with bots, not code: 

Both MuleSoft Composer and MuleSoft RPA are designed specifically for business teams and can connect apps seamlessly with the help of pre-built bots and enterprise connectors.

Leverage the Anypoint platform to automate and integrate anything:

Now you can benefit from MuleSoft’s integration and API management platform, Anypoint Platform, as both Mulesoft RPA and MuleSoft Composer work seamlessly with it. You can get your hands on numerous system connectors and even directly invoke APIs.

Enable Intelligent automation from anywhere:

Now, you can replace repetitive tasks with bots that can process data intelligently from any system or legacy interface with MuleSoft RPA.

Get end-to-end automation: 

By integrating RPA bots with Salesforce 360, MuleSoft Composer, and Anypoint platform, teams can now automate workflows across various systems and applications.

Security and Governance:

Automation and Integration built on APIs can be governed, tracked, and secured with the Anypoint Platform.

Wrap Up

MuleSoft RPA is expected to be available from August 2022, while MuleSoft Composer is generally available now.

If you are keen to implement automation or any other Salesforce services in your business, feel free to reach out to us at Outsource Salesforce anytime!