Salesforce launches Revenue Optimisation Tools in its Sales Cloud for revenue generation

Salesforce launches Revenue Optimisation Tools in its Sales Cloud for revenue generation

The megacorp Salesforce has launched new features in the revenue optimization tool. The tool can turn out to be a game-changer in creating new avenues for revenue generation in these all-digital times. These updated features will be available within the existing Sales Cloud and will allow Sales teams to redefine their sales processes faster for the digital world.

Salesforce has brought along this updated feature understanding the predicament of the salesperson and CROs (Chief Marketing Officers) in the current market scenarios. Apparently, supply chains remain disrupted despite the little bounce in the market. Also, with changing market trends, managing revenues has become a challenging task for leaders.

Deciphering the Statistics

Recently, a study conducted by Salesforce revealed that 44% of Sales professional feels mounting pressure to deliver revenue.

Likewise, Chief revenue officers(CROs) also feel increased pressure to roll out new revenue streams and adapt to the buyer’s expectations.

On the other hand, another study revealed that 76% of the CEOs believe that the global economy is expected to grow in the next 12 months.

Therefore, Leaders are optimistic about creating new revenue streams in the digital Sales world. Hence, to help CROs with the ways to predict the revenue growth understanding market trends, Salesforce incorporated revenue optimization tools into the existing Sales cloud features.

New Features

Salesforce launches Revenue Optimization Tools in its Sales Cloud for revenue generation

Now, Let’s dig deeper to know about the new features of the revenue optimization toolkit in the following segments.

  • Pipeline Inspection to deliver predictable revenue: The sales team will now be able to get actionable insights into key performance indicators, weekly changes, and dealing with health in a simple, consolidated view. With this feature. they will able to focus on real-time coaching moments to speed up rep development and assist in deals that require a course correction.
  • Flexible Forecasting for improving accurate forecasting: Forecasting is the most important thing where pipeline focuses on quota. Flexible forecasting based on custom fields helps forecast unique business models accurately.
  • AI-powered Einstien Conversation Insights: With AI-powered Einstien Conversation Insights, CROs can identify important customer signals to revenue with video, call transcripts, and visualizations.
  • Using Revenue Analytics templates to discover new insights: To automate and boost the forecasting process, Tableau CRM armed with AI and machine learning capabilities displays rich actionable insights.

Roadmap to future

Though all these features are available within the existing Sales Cloud platform, only Revenue Ops Analytics Templates and Einstien Conversation Insights are available now.

Flexible Forecasting and Pipeline Inspection will be available from 21st June. To conclude, Chief Revenue officers prepare the roadmap to revenue generation for a longer term. So, With Sales Cloud’s actionable insights in place, the revenue operations teams can create new revenue streams and achieve success in the fast-paced digital market.

Wrapping up

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