Salesforce Launches New Product Suites to Simplify Tech Stacks

Salesforce Launches New Product Suites to Simplify Tech Stacks

Salesforce has announced two new product suites for sales and service teams, designed to simplify tech stacks and create exceptional customer experiences.

The Sales and Service Suites bring together best-in-class solutions across the Customer 360 to help any company drive cost savings and create exceptional customer experiences.

While The Sales Suite is designed to empower companies to sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently on a single platform, the Service Suite on the other hand is aimed at helping companies scale their service quicker and reduce support costs.

Let’s know about the products in detail!

Salesforce Launches New Product Suites to Simplify Tech Stacks

How Are The New Suites Conducive to Today's Market

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies often rely on various tools and vendors to manage their operations and customer experiences. This has led to complex and bloated tech stacks that can slow down innovation and create unnecessary costs.

With these suites, Salesforce is making it easier for organizations to streamline their tech stacks and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Through these suites, you’ll gain access to purpose-built, integrated apps as well as Premier Success Plans, unified data, automation, and artificial intelligence, along with Customer 360’s scalability, flexibility, and security.

This means faster time to value, faster innovation, and faster growth for businesses that choose to adopt these suites.

What The New Product Suite Precisely Includes

Specifically innovated to address the unique challenges of sales and service departments, the new product offers:

  • Sales Suite:  The Sales Suite integrates Salesforce’s leading CRM for Sales with a range of essential tools including B2B account management, sales engagement, team productivity, enablement, AI and analytics, CPQ, territory planning, and expert guidance and support.
  • Service Suite: The Service Suite combines Salesforce’s top-ranked CRM for Service with a variety of tools, such as self-service, bots, messaging, chat, voice, AI, service automation, productivity & swarming, service analytics, expert guidance, and expedited 24/7 support.

Wrap- up

Overall, Salesforce’s Sales and Service Suites are a welcome addition to the market, offering companies an opportunity to simplify their tech stacks and enhance customer experiences.

So, if you are looking to simplify your technology stack, and accelerate your sales and service operations, this new product suite could be just what you need.

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