Salesforce launches Loyalty Management: Better Customer Engagement for B2B, B2C companies

Salesforce launches Loyalty Management: Better Customer Engagement for B2B, B2C companies

The world’s number one CRM leader Salesforce has once again come up with another smart innovation. Salesforce on Tuesday launches Loyalty Management that aims to build customer loyalty programs for B2B and B2C companies. 

Also, It is built on the Customer 360 platform and would allow businesses to deliver better customer experience throughout the customer journey.  

Let’s see the key features of the Salesforce Loyalty Management service;

Power of Salesforce’s Flexibility

In the Loyalty Management service by Salesforce, businesses can utilize every aspect of its Customer 360 platform. It helps businesses to design a variety of programs for their targeted customer base. These programs can be tiered membership,  points-per-purchase, and earn-and-redeem rewards programs.

Personalized Platform

Salesforce is known for its CRM software that gives businesses personalized offerings according to their unique needs. So, with Loyal Management, Companies can now target different sections of customers using these customized offerings. 

Moreover, Loyalty Management also allows businesses to get just the right customer data. This data can be in the form of customers’ purchase history, interactions, and website visits. And then, according to this data, businesses can personalize the promotions that the customers receive.

Integration with the Clouds

With this Salesforce service, companies can integrate loyalty throughout their organization with a single source of truth. Also, The power of Customer 360 allows companies to sign up for various loyalty programs through Salesforce Experience Cloud. 

Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Customer 360 Audiences, businesses can send personalized notifications & content to their customers.

Moreover, Salesforce doesn’t believe in limiting its users, rather allows them to explore more. Hence, Salesforce Loyalty Management allows businesses to integrate with external systems such as customer data platforms and integrate third-party solutions from Salesforce AppExchange.

Analyze and Measure

Tableau CRM helps Loyalty Management to measure program performance, member acquisition & engagement, and partner performance. This would reflect in a dashboard from where you can determine your best path forward and the areas you need to make adjustments. Also, all of it would use real-time data. 

David Schmaier, CEO of Salesforce Industries, says, “Loyalty Management allows companies across industries to evolve their loyalty programs from a transactional to a human-centric approach capable of creating personalized, relationship-building moments with each customer.”

So, we will see how this smart innovation helps business owners get better customer engagement and loyalty. Also, if you are looking forward to incorporating any kind of Salesforce Implementation services in your organization, our team can help. If you want us to schedule a personalized demo for you, click here.