Salesforce launches Analytics Performance Bundle powered by Tableau

Salesforce launches Analytics Performance Bundle powered by Tableau

Recently, Salesforce unveiled Analytics Performance Bundle, an easy-to-use, self-service platform to save costs and scale the power of analytics across every organization.

The Analytics Bundle is essentially a packaging of four Tableau tools that help businesses gain real-time insights and make decisions quickly while maximizing savings and delivering success.

The consolidated bundle comprises of Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server along with
Tableau Data Management, Tableau Advanced Management, and Tableau eLearning.

Let’s dig deeper to know more about the Analytics Bundle!

What is the significance of the news?

Today, Data is at the center stage of everything in any industry. Right from delivering impactful customer experiences to making manufacturing processes efficient, data and analytics are crucial to driving success.

Despite that, many organizations are still unable to harness the power of data owing to IT bottlenecks or costs.

However, businesses using Tableau experienced a 29% reduction in time to insight and a faster delivery of business driving reports, and an average 26% decrease in time to analyze data.(Source: Tableau Reports)

Salesforce launches Analytics Performance Bundle powered by Tableau

Benefits of Analytics Bundle

As mentioned above, The Analytics Bundle brings four disparate Tableau tools in one package. This makes the product less expensive as customers do not need to purchase individual tools and can get everything in one combo saving costs.

Apart from the cost-efficient benefit, here are some features of the bundle can help businesses achieve success.

Tableau Cloud:

A self-service platform designed to fit your enterprise architecture, the Tableau Cloud provides fast, flexible, and easy-to-use platform.

Data Management

Through Tableau Data Management, you can automate and operationalize data throughout the entire data and analytics lifecycle, enabling trusted, self-service analytics. The tools simplify your data connectivity, reimagines data governance, and streamline data prep.

Advanced Management

For customers running Tableau in mission-critical environments, Tableau Advanced Management delivers manageability, security, and scalability.

Using Advanced Management’s highly configurable capabilities, you can meet tough security requirements and provide an improved user experience at the same time.

Tableau eLearning

Tableau eLearning enables you to learn Tableau and master the platform using the platform resources.


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