Salesforce introduces Salesforce Easy for SMBs to boost productivity and cut costs

Salesforce introduces Salesforce Easy for SMBs to boost productivity and cut costs

Salesforce brings Salesforce Easy, a new subscription plan to woo SMBs with simplified offerings for Service, Sales, and Marketing.

The new entry-level solution aims to support SMBs with a flexible and resilient platform built on Salesforce’s innovative technology to prepare them to adapt and scale with changing market needs.

Salesforce Easy includes CRM features and pricing similar to Salesforce Essentials except for the newly built automation for onboarding and beyond.

“We’ve heard overwhelming feedback from our customers that their organizations need to focus and simplify their operations to build resilience and deliver immediate value to their customers. That’s why we are announcing Salesforce Easy — with the swipe of a credit card, SMBs can start seeing results fast while larger businesses can get up and running quickly with Salesforce and then rapidly scale with the tools they need along their growth journey.”
Kris Billmaier, SVP, and GM, Salesforce Easy
Kris Billmaier
SVP, and GM, Salesforce Easy

Key Features of Salesforce Easy

Salesforce Easy has been brought in to deliver new streamlined experiences not only to SMBs but to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to drive productivity and cut down costs using the 360 platform.

The key features and benefits of the new solution are:

Easy integrations to get onboard quickly

Salesforce Easy provides easy integration with systems like Slack, Google, and Microsoft 365 and facilitates faster sign-in. While the guided onboarding process helps streamline contact uploading, email, and calendar syncing without outside help.

Email Outreach Automation to save time

Automation is a crucial component in Salesforce Easy. Businesses can create email marketing campaigns using emails and segment prospects by sector or by their point in the funnel. By leveraging the automation of outreach, users can save time from entering data and focus on building relationships.

Reduce costs

Having Sales, Service, and email outreach features in this subscription, users can reduce their spending on different tools while leveraging Default Dashboard to improve visibility into the business growth.

More about Salesforce Easy

Salesforce Easy is uniquely designed for onboarding simplicity. You can get started with the solution with just three clicks. It provides a quick onboarding guide to get up and running faster.

In conclusion, the setup, trial, and guided activation experience provide companies with a single view of the customer to drive growth.

Wrap Up

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