Embrace the Power of Salesforce in Wealth Management

Embrace the Power of Salesforce in Wealth Management

“With Financial Services Cloud our advisors manage clients’ entire financial lives” – Mike Capelle, Head of Platform, United Capital

We are living in a world that is constantly changing and evolving rapidly. The financial industry is no exception to these changes. Today, wealth and asset management are dealt with differently than in the olden days, and companies are providing financial services to their clients in a seamless manner with data-driven solutions that are solely customized based on the client’s needs and as per the competitive market to benefit the customer.

Salesforce, one of the best-leading customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, is turning out to be a game changer for the wealth management and financial industries.

In this blog, we will understand how Salesforce is paving the way for financial advisors and wealth management to build stronger customer relationships.

Role of Salesforce in Wealth Management

Gone are the days when Salesforce was only about sales and marketing. Today, the Salesforce cloud is available for almost every sector of the industry, including financial services, thus transforming the financial lives of companies and customers. It has its own dedicated Financial Service Cloud that is powered to light up any financial services role by offering tools and features that can be customized to meet any challenges of financial services, including wealth management.

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Customer relationship management

Customer relationships are of utmost priority for wealth management. Salesforce offers a centralized platform to track and analyze client data and interactions. This lets financial advisors personalize their financial solutions more efficiently for their clients.

Actionable Insights

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, with the help of artificial intelligence, records a large amount of data, thus allowing it to analyze the data of the financial market to provide actionable insights to potential customers.

Automation and workflows

Salesforce’s automation capabilities empower wealth management companies to mechanize daily tasks and workflows. This, in turn, increases efficiency, decreases operational costs, and allows financial advisors to focus on strategic planning and activities.

Amalgamating Financial Tools

Salesforce, without fuss, can integrate most of the financial tools and applications. This helps wealth managers have a consolidated view of client data and financial portfolios, smoothing their operations and decision-making processes.

Better client communication

Earlier advisors used to have a hard time connecting with clients, but with the advancement in Salesforce technology, financial advisors now communicate better with their clients via email templates, reminders, and follow-up alerts, thus ensuring that both the client and the financial advisor stay connected so that clients can take advantage of high-level service. This is all possible because of the unified data system in Salesforce.

Wrap up:

Want to connect better with the client or want to implement Salesforce for better wealth management?

Outsource Salesforce is aware that the modernization of wealth management involves lots of complexities, but it is high time that the required firms buckle up and upgrade their technology with Salesforce to support their growth in today’s market.

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