Salesforce Feedback Management vs. Salesforce Surveys

Salesforce Feedback Management vs. Salesforce Surveys

Prioritizing the customer relationship of Customer Relationship Management, Salesforce launched the Salesforce Feedback Management to understand its customers in this time of uncertainty. With this, Salesforce empowered its employee, partners, and key stakeholders to deliver remarkable customer experience and drive success for the company.

But it already had Salesforce Surveys. So, why did it launch Salesforce Feedback Management? Lets deep dive into both to understand what is new!

Salesforce Surveys

Aiming to enhance the customer experience, Salesforce released Salesforce Surveys in its Spring 18 release. It is a no-code solution with a simple editor that allows you to create interactive and easy to use survey design with easy-to-use forms, collect customer feedback, and analyze the feedback within the Survey Builder.  

Salesforce Surveys allows you to ask multiple types of questions such as NPS or CSAT to get customized feedback and can also give multiple choices to the respondents to choose from. The response collected is saved in your Salesforce org which can be exported later, used to create dashboards and reports, or used across the organization. Outsource Salesforce can create a plan of action.

It is available for Salesforce Classic (Developer, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions) and Lightning Experience. 

It helps you set up a survey as per your requirements, translate and distribute your surveys, allows a flow action to send the surveys natively, set response based workflow, analyze the responses, and deploy and use customer lifecycle analytics. It also lets you gather unlimited responses with the Salesforce Feedback Management license.

Salesforce Feedback Management

Salesforce repackaged the Salesforce Surveys and launched Salesforce Feedback Management in its Summer 20’ release. This enterprise suite extended the Salesforce Surveys in several ways.

Unify the data in the Salesforce Org – Salesforce Feedback Management allows you to unify the responses in your Salesforce org by mapping the Salesforce object. This helps to create a personalized experience by using details such as name, product details, last date of interaction, etc.

Send surveys at key touchpoints automatically – Salesforce Feedback Management creates lifecycle maps for every customer, employee, and stakeholder. It identifies the key moments of interaction from each journey based on the stages of the journey and sends specific surveys to collect feedback automatically at these touchpoints.

Personalize Customer Journey – With all the details of the customer in one place, you don’t need to ask repeated questions to gather more data. You know who the customer is so you can take a step ahead and drill down into specific topics and create a personalized journey.

Insightful analysis powered by Einstein – It helps you uncover the key insights by identifying the trending themes and topics. Using Salesforce Cost Estimator you can compare questions with the survey and across multiple surveys and get real-time insights on your customer, employee, and partners.