What are the best practices for Email Marketing

What are the best practices for Email Marketing

There has been a rise in the new engagement channels amongst the customers. Yet email marketing is still considered to be the most important medium to reach out to them as it remains the highest driver of ROI. It yields 3,800% of the ROI on average making it the most lucrative marketing-investment channel.

Apparently, not every business is able to accomplish the same results out of it. The reason being, they are not utilizing it as effectively as they should.

Best Practices for Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, there is no magic formula that can sure shot deliver you the amazing results. There are a lot of factors involved in creating an effective email campaign. So, we have put together a list of email marketing best practices that can help you deliver lucrative and successful email campaigns that drive results with Salesforce Cost Estimator.

1. Create an action plan

Before sending out an email marketing campaign, create an action plan. Clear the picture around the email campaign about why you are shooting out the email, what do you want to accomplish, at what frequency should you send the emails, and more. This will not only help you clear your goals but will align your team together.

2. Segmentation

There are several types of emails for different types of target groups, hence the need for segmentation. Segment your audience as per their place in the buyer’s cycle. The best way is to use your Salesforce CRM to segment the lists and collaborate with your marketing automation software to analyze customers’ reactions.

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3. Responsive emails for all devices

With the evolving digitization, your customers are on multiple devices and not just on desktops. And most of the people are using mobiles to read emails nowadays. Hence, make all your emails responsive so that it expands or contracts as per the size of the customer’s device and appeals to them.

4. Engaging Subject Line

Always remember that you are not the only one sending emails to your customers. There are tons of emails that they are receiving. So what makes them read your email? An engaging subject line! Write a great subject line such that it grabs your customers’ attention and pushes them to see what’s inside.

5. Personalization

Personalization is the key to all communications. Gone are the days of formal emails with corporate jargon. People nowadays prefer personalized, engaging, witty, and humorous content. As everybody is busy in their lives, this will not only help you gain their attention but will also allow you to build a relationship with them.

6. Use Superior Email Marketing tools

Collaborate with superior email marketing tools to create engaging content, trigger events, built-in analytics, deliver customization, and achieve scalability. There are plenty of Salesforce email marketing tools out there. However, every business’s demands are unique. We can help you select the best tool for you.


There are innumerable ways for shooting the right email and no magic recipe for it. Since every business is different from others and their respective customers’ demands are different as well, hence you need to try and test and again try and test to understand what works for you and your customers. Outsource Salesforce can help you collaborate with your CRM with the best email marketing tools that can help you grow and succeed.