Salesforce Einstein Automate: Smart Workflows to Automate Anything

Salesforce Einstein Automate: Smart Workflows to Automate Anything

The world’s #1 CRM leader Salesforce has come up with another smart innovation. It is the new Salesforce Einstein Automate that would combine artificial intelligence, data integration, and industry-specific workflows in a single platform. It would also help businesses to work efficiently on digital platforms and automate complex processes in just days.

Let’s see what all this innovation has in store for us. Einstein Automate will bring together:

  • Flow Orchestrator
  • MuleSoft Composer
  • Pre-built Einstein Automate Solutions on the AppExchange
  • Salesforce Industries
  • OmniStudio

Flow Orchestrator

With this low-code workflow development tool, you can streamline complex processes that span multiple users and systems.

Flow Orchestrator would also allow you to accelerate your automation efforts, ensuring Salesforce does all the repetitive tasks so that you can focus on the high priority tasks. Also, You can expect Flow Orchestrator in beta in Summer 2021.

MuleSoft Composer

MuleSoft Composer is a simple solution that allows you to connect your apps and the data. Just as you know, Connecting various systems is a big task. MuleSoft helps you bring together the data from Salesforce and your third-party applications, using clicks and not code. Besides, MuleSoft has a library of connectors and templates to automate integrations allowing Salesforce administrators to perform their work more quickly.

Salesforce Einstein Automate

Pre-built Einstein Automate Solutions on the AppExchange

Einstein Automate allows you to build and scale intelligent solutions at speed. With pre-built Einstein Automate Solutions, you don’t need to start from scratch instead, you can use from 700 automation solutions built by Salesforce and partners

The pre-built solution includes:

  • Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) – Automating repetitive, manual tasks such as data entry.
  • Bots – It helps customers quickly find answers, automate common questions, and conversations.
  • Flow Actions -This allows you to rapidly set up automation with pre-built flow templates that can be cloned and customized to suit your needs.
  • Flow Templates – With this, you can simplify the flow building process without needing integration or code.

Salesforce Industries

Salesforce has started to become more industry-specific as it knows that different industries have different needs. Besides, Salesforce Industries is a collection of 70 best practices and industry-specific products that would help a business build the best solution fast.


This has a variety of new products and features, including templates and pre-built solutions that would allow businesses to create industry-specific experiences for their customers. Also, These solutions are smart and do not require any code or require low-code tools to be delivered across multiple platforms and devices quickly.

We are sure that this smart innovation will help your business outperform the competitors. Also, if you are looking forward to incorporating any Salesforce Implementation services, we can help you. You can get in touch with us, and our team would be happy to serve your needs.