Best Data recovery tools for Salesforce

Best Data recovery tools for Salesforce

Salesforce keeps Customer Experience on the highest priority and it aims to win its customers with all its solutions. However, Its data recovery service was very slow and unreliable. It used to take 6-7 days to recover data and there was no guarantee. So on July 31, 2020, Salesforce discontinued its Data Recovery Service leaving the customers to take care of their data on their own.


Don’t be!

We present you with some great alternatives for Salesforce Data Recovery that can help you backup your data in no time. These are reliable, affordable, and offer you so much more with data backup and recovery. Dive in.

1. Ownbackup

Effortless Backups, Rapid Restoration

One of the highest-rated backup and recovery tools on the Salesforce Appexchange, Ownbackup proactively prevents you from losing important Salesforce data. It is one of the popular tools for Salesforce backup and recovery that reduces your risk of data loss and offers you with powerful backup, compare and restore for disaster recovery, GDPR compliance, and sandbox seeding and replication of your Salesforce data. It is so easy to set up that once done, you never need to worry about data loss!

  • Automated Backups: Set it up and forget it! It provides you with a replica of your data and metadata every day automatically.
  • Comprehensive Restore: You can compare two backups to identify and discrepancies between the data.
  • Retain Relationships: It allows you to recover data and metadata from any record level, field level, or full org.
  • Continuous Monitoring: You can set customized rules to get an alert of any changes.
  • Data Governance: Stay in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regs.
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2. Spanning

Say goodbye to the manual backup and recovery services

Protect mission-critical Salesforce data and metadata with Spanning. It provides you with enterprise-grade automated backup, and recovery that you can trust your data, metadata, customization, and attachments with. Designed to work natively within the Salesforce org, Spanning provides automated daily backup with customizable backup time, unlimited storage, on-demand backups, and rapid restoration of single item, bulk, and cross-org (sandbox seeding).

  • Comprehensive protection: You can backup anything. Data, metadata, attachments, customizations, custom and base objects, apps, and more.
  • Automated backup: Get a daily automated backup at any time you want.
  • On-demand backup: Run manual backup anytime from Spanning to Salesforce.
  • Status monitoring: All the recent backups can be viewed in a customizable Spanning dashboard.
  • Alerts: Get backup and recovery custom alerts via Chatter posts and email.
  • Transparent reporting: Get a detailed record of every action done on the data.
  • Point-in-time restore: Restore data and metadata at any point in time during backup and save it in the Salesforce org.
  • Granular restore: You can restore the data at the granular level such as if you want some field of a record or the entire record you can get either.

3. Odaseva –

Complete data protection of your Salesforce org

Automate your Salesforce backup with Odaseva. It is an enterprise-level data governance solution for Salesforce that protects your Salesforce data at a fraction of the cost. It provides you with the custom automated Salesforce backup & restore solution combined with Salesforce built-in tools. Built by Salesforce experts, it offers enterprise security, world-class performance, scalability, and completeness. It allows you to backup 100% of your data, files, and metadata.

  • Data Loss: You can recover any data from corruption such as failed data integration flow or unintended user error.
  • Data Backup: It provides full, incremental, and partial backup for a large volume of data.
  • Minimize risk: You can restore data in no time while minimizing the financial and operational risk of a data loss.
  • Managed Backup Services: Backup your data with the best data protection strategy for your Salesforce org and save cost and time with a fully managed backup service.
  • Data Integrity: You can recover data while maintaining the parent-child relationship of up to 20 levels.
  • Archiving: You can automate data archiving to maintain the best performances of the system.

Outsource Salesforce can help you integrate any of the above or other data recovery solutions with your Salesforce for smooth and automated data backup and recovery. Please visit Salesforce Cost Estimator for more.