How does Salesforce CRM help you?

How does Salesforce CRM help you?

Aiming to improve business relationships, Salesforce  CRM is a digital platform that manages all your business processes, details on customers and prospective customers, defines workflows, and streamline processes.  

It is the key to any business’s growth if managed efficiently! So what can it do for you?

1. Find your prospects

The challenge that most companies face is managing their leads. They spent time, resources, and efforts to generate those leads but when it comes to converting them into business, they are nowhere to be found. 

The problem here is that these leads come from multiple sources and are not collated anywhere. A CRM does that for you. Integrate your marketing channels such as website, emails, social media with your CRM and store all your leads and its detailed information in one place. Now the CRM will display these leads to your Sales and Marketing teams and they will pick it from there.

2. Build deeper customer relationships

As discussed above, CRM stores each and every detail of your lead. So, when you reach out to those leads, you have all their information in front of you, making it easy to convert into a customer. 

Similarly, when these leads get converted into customers, for every service call you know who the customer is, what product is he using, how many times has he reached out in the past, and a lot of more. All this information is displayed promptly on your screen helping you build deeper, healthier relationships with your customers.

3. Reduce sales costs

CRM helps you a lot more than building relationships with the customer. It helps you achieve what you aim to do. Generate revenue! CRM is the magic ingredient for a business’s continued growth. It gives you better visibility into upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities leading to low customer acquisition costs.

Also, it helps you improve your sales efficiency, boost sales effectiveness, reduce time to close and uncover referral business.

4. Boost employee productivity

If you are not engaging with your employees, you won’t grow. It is a simple truth. They are the face of your company, they are the ones that help you grow. Invest in them. 

CRM helps you automate many tasks, streamlines processes, and sets workflows of common tasks. It frees up your employee’s time from heavy time-consuming tasks and rigorous manual operation and allows them to focus them on what matters – bringing in the business.

5. Deliver better customer service

Every successful business works around its customers. If you are not serving your customers then you won’t be successful in the longer run. Even your best product is best if your customer thinks it is the best. If it is serving their purpose and helping them achieve their goal.

So, provide the best customer service you can. Make your interactions effortless, create a personalized experience, and focus on making them happy at the end of every interaction.

6. Boost customer retention

According to the Harvard Business Review, “A 5% reduction in your customer retention rate can increase your profits by 25% to 85%.” And Salesforce CRM using Outsource Salesforce helps you achieve that.

It gives you visibility around your customers. It tells you what they are liking and what not so that you can proactively prevent any customer churn. With all the information at hand, it helps your business health customer relationships and provides a delightful customer experience.