Salesforce Cloud 3.0: A Glimpse into our Post-Pandemic future

Salesforce Cloud 3.0: A Glimpse into our Post-Pandemic future

Have you ever thought about our post-pandemic future? The increasing pace of mass vaccination drive makes us wonder about what the future holds for us. Earlier, we used to think about the COVID-19 vaccines, and now that they are here, we think about when things will get back to normal. 

Recently, Salesforce organized its World Tour event in Singapore. And there, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and COO Bret Taylor unveiled their vision for the future. Also, They talked about how Salesforce products will help you to build trust with your customers.

Salesforce Cloud 3.0

Even if we get vaccinated, the risk of the spread of the virus would be there. Thus, schools, offices, restaurants, and more may get open, but it will not be how it was earlier. Also, the digital world is powering the evolution of Clouds, and the future of work will be all-digital, work-from-anywhere. 

There have been two previous developments in the cloud over the last 20 years. Cloud 1.0 is a perfect example of how proven enterprise software could be delivered through a web browser.

Ten years after that, Cloud 2.0 redefined the software environment by mobile phones and social networks. 

Now is the time for Salesforce Cloud 3.0, a major evolution of Cloud. The CRM giant works and collaborates with Slack and Zoom from anywhere, and of course, with Salesforce.

Marc Benioff CEO, and Chair, Salesforce, says, “We have had to aggressively deliver a new philanthropy model, we had a new event model, and we had to create a whole new operating model for ourselves. This is a new world. We’re reimagining how the future works, together.”

Hyperforce to leverage Cloud 3.0

Salesforce COO Bret Taylor described how Salesforce and Hyperforce have developed the Customer 360 platform for Cloud 3.0.

If you have a B2B company or a B2C company with millions of consumers, Customer 360 allows you to connect all your data, apps, and devices. This helps to create a single source of truth across sales, marketing, service, and commerce.

“Hyperforce is one of the most exciting new developments at Salesforce in the past 20 years,” said Taylor. “We’ve completely re-architected Salesforce to run on the public cloud. This is a big change for us. But what’s more important is what it does for all of you – we can meet your customers where they are. And on top of Hyperforce, we built the single source of truth.”

It would be interesting to see what the future has in store for all of us. Till then, keep on reading our blogs to stay updated with everything Salesforce. Also, we at Outsource Salesforce offer Salesforce consulting services. If you want to improve your business, you can get in touch with us. If you want us to schedule a demo call for you, click here.