Salesforce brings interactive drag & drop components to its low-code toolkit

Salesforce brings interactive drag & drop components to its low-code toolkit

Recently, the CRM giant announced drag and drop interactive components. Salesforce has come up with this innovative solution for its nontechnical users. With this, Salesforce users get the ability to create applications without code or low code. Also, Salesforce is working on making its platform easy to use without any complexities.

SVP for product management and platform at Salesforce, Ryan Ellis, says,These new components allow users to create more sophisticated kinds of interactions.

He further added, “We’re introducing this new feature called Dynamic Interactions, and prior to their existence, you had to have developers if you wanted to be able to build essentially truly interactive applications.”

Know more about the drag & drop component

So, suppose if you have an app that has a list of organizations, information of the firms, location, and more. In this case, you can simply click on the name of the organization, and you will see the location in the maps, with the company details alongside.

Salesforce will offer more than 150 interactions such as lists, maps, Einstein Next Best Action (NBA), and much more. These interactions can be reused by the users. Also, it will be useful for organizations as it will be made available on Salesforce AppExchange. 

There’s really this big push to go digital faster than ever before, and this was happening for years as we were seeing businesses having to pivot much more rapidly as new business models were coming about. But then in this last year, COVID really changed the game, and people just had to put on full gas in terms of actually being able to deliver those digital transformations in some instances overnight,” he added.

Wrap Up

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