Salesforce Announces Flow For Industries

Salesforce Announces Flow For Industries

In the wake of Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce has announced Flow for Industries. It is an expansion of the Flow product suite that will help industries automate their daily processes with fewer resources.

According to Salesforce, industry-specific automation can greatly help businesses, especially in times of inflation, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages.

The tools are available in specific licenses in Salesforces’s Industry cloud and will help companies in these sectors automate various tasks. The market sectors include financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.

New tools in Flow for Industries to boost productivity and efficiency

Salesforce has come up with four new tools in Flow for Industries that will help companies build intelligent automation that is business specific

  • Omnistudio: This tool enhances the customer as well as employee experience. It enables companies to build ‘brand’ centered customer interactions and faster workflows. Flow also connects this data to business data without any code.
  • Business Rules Engine: This tool allows easy management of rules and actions. It will allow businesses to automate and simplify processes like price discounts, financial planning and care path management. Not only that, its no-code interface will also enable companies to build, test, and enforce rules before they are actually integrated.
  • Document Generation: With Document Generation companies can save time and resources by creating and sharing documents via a no-code template designer. An automatic OCR reader (Intelligent Form Reader) automatically reads and extracts data offering a unified end-to-end management process that saves time.
  • Data Processing Engine: The Data Processing Engine tool in Flow for Industries allows companies to create definitions for easy management and transfer of data. It helps to transform data from multiple sources and present it to customers in a workflow.

Flow for Industries is available and is free for existing license holders. You will also find it available in Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud.

Wrap Up

Hope you found the write-up interesting and the new tools intrigue you to delve into them more. If you are still wondering if these tools can be beneficial to your business or want to have a Salesforce consultation, feel free to connect with our team today!