Salesforce and the future of CRM in 2022 &  beyond

Salesforce and the future of CRM in 2022 & beyond

Do you ever wonder where CRM technology will be headed in the next coming years? With the ever-evolving technology and new digital work from anywhere model, will the CRM systems be competent enough to help businesses grow in the future?

If you do, then this article has got the answers for you! Being a Salesforce Consulting Company for years, we have been helping businesses deploy CRM and yield the benefits of successful CRM implementation. So, to find out what the future of CRM holds, we did some research and found some insights and trends that are shaping the future of CRM.

To learn about those key insights and observations shared in the subsequent sections, Read on!

#1. Single source of truth

Today’s CRM technology leverages AI technology, cloud-based and mobile-friendly software that enables companies to deliver personalized customer experiences.

But in the upcoming years, companies will increasingly use CRM as the single source of truth to connect their disparate teams, employees, and partners.

‘80% of respondents participating in the Forrester study believe that using CRM as a single source of truth will add a remarkable value to their company. Also, 80% of decision-makers are increasingly using CRM systems to collect data from disparate systems.’

Salesforce CRM offers a single source of truth that benefits both companies and customers. These benefits include:

  • ◉ Getting More usable and personalized data.
  • ◉ Gaining insights into both AI reports and human research.
  • ◉ Satisfied customers.
  • ◉ Fewer errors and redundancies.

#2. Support the entire customer lifecycle

The Forrester survey further reveals that 80% of leaders say they agree that CRM systems should back the customer lifecycle throughout. On the other hand, 32% of the respondents believe that CRM systems can support the full customer lifecycle right from finding customers to engaging and retaining them.

By managing the full customer lifecycle on a shared CRM system, businesses can utilize the collected data and their resulting analytics to get precise information about each customer.


#3. Customer experience

Insights and forecasts received from CRM systems help all customer-facing teams deliver impactful customer experiences.

When asked to rate their overall CRM experiences for customers, 80% of respondents reported 8 or higher on a scale of 10. Another 80% said that CRMs are instrumental in delivering seamless customer experiences to their customers.

Wrap Up

To conclude, The future of CRM is promising. And Salesforce, the world leader in CRM systems, will continue to help businesses achieve growth by unifying sales, marketing, and service around the same goal.

So, if you are thinking of Salesforce CRM implementation into your business, Outsource Salesforce can assist you with the right strategy and implementation solution. Contact us to claim your personalized demo today!