Salesforce and Disney Studios Content Come Together to Accelerate Production with Customer 360

Salesforce and Disney Studios Content Come Together to Accelerate Production with Customer 360

The world’s leading CRM giant, Salesforce, is now an Innovation Partner of The Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB. It is an innovative program that applies new technologies to tackle production challenges. Hence, Salesforce and Disney Studios Content have announced a five-year partnership. They have joined forces to help and support Disney filmmakers and marketers using Salesforce technology.

With this partnership, the companies will find new angles to manage and boost production while using the Salesforce technology. Also, This amalgamation would cater to boosting content production. It would start from the early stages of development to post-production and marketing.

“Disney’s creative leadership has inspired generations with emotional storytelling and imaginative experiences,” said Sarah Franklin, President, and Chief Marketing Officer, Salesforce. “At Salesforce, we’ve worked to create similar magic with our brand, events, and global community of Trailblazers. We are thrilled at the opportunity to help StudioLAB and their efforts to support Disney advance their storytelling with our technology.”

Salesforce Customer 360 To Help Accelerate Production

As you know, Customer 360 has great potential in every segment like- Sales, service, marketing, and commerce. Hence, Salesforce will be using Customer 360 to help boost production in the initial stages in the following ways.

  • For managing the production and marketing of the Disney Content Studios, Salesforce will be developing digital workflows.
  • To support executive decision-making, it will give a 360 real-time view of the performance of the media properties.
  • Furthermore, Studio personnel will be able to quickly access updates and collaborate in real-time. Besides, they can communicate with each other from anywhere through any device with mobile-first technologies.

“Salesforce’s platform gives us the ability to accelerate and better coordinate the production process,” said Jamie Voris, Chief Technology Officer, Disney Studios Content. “With Salesforce as our Innovation Partner, we can equip our marketers and storytellers with world-class technology to better deliver against the incredible slate of content we have planned for streaming and theatrical audiences.”

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