Sales Cloud Implementation: Everything you need to know

Sales Cloud Implementation: Everything you need to know

The cloud revenue is expected to reach $474B in 2022.

A research by Gartner says that over the next few years, cloud revenue across the world will surpass non-cloud revenue for enterprise IT markets. Gartner also estimates that around 95% of new digital work processes will be implemented on cloud-native platforms in 2022. Hence, organizations are now favoring the Cloud-first approach while planning their business strategy. Salesforce, apart from being the first SaaS-based CRM platform, is also known as a cloud service provider for Sales, Marketing, and Service for both B2B and B2C business models.

Today, as a trusted Salesforce Consulting Services provider, we will discuss all you need to know about Salesforce Sales Cloud and how Sales Cloud Implementation helps the sales team win deals faster in 2022. Here is the rundown!

Sales Cloud and its benefits

Sales Cloud is one powerful CRM platform that empowers the sales team with the right tools to close deals from anywhere. You can get a highly productive team with forecasting tools, lead management, and the ability to quote, price and configure and deal. With its latest integration with Slack, you can now strengthen your customer relationship while closing deals accurately and faster from anywhere. It is flexible and highly scalable.

So, long story short, Sales Cloud Implementation is the right strategy for the Sales team to win more customers and drive sustainable predictable revenue YoY.

New Features of Sales Cloud

Salesforce rolled out new features in Sales Cloud in the recently published Winter ’22 product release. Here are the top features of Sales Cloud that can drive predictable growth in revenue for your sales team.

Automate your Process The process builder in Salesforce offers a point and click interface to automate your sales processes. The drag and drop facility lets you create workflows, create email alerts and create custom automation easily.

Einstein Automated Contacts This feature helps in maintaining clean and accurate data. Einstein Automated Contacts also identifies new contacts and recommends new contacts to be added, thus strengthening your CRM database. This feature also analyzes events and calendars.

Lightning Dialer Voicemail Drop One of the amazing features of Sales Cloud, this feature allows you to leave a voicemail to several contacts with just one click.

Lightning Report Builder With the simple drag and drop interface, you can create multiple reports and view them in real-time. You can modify those reports on the same screen and track your team performance on dashboards and other reporting tools.

Pipeline and Forecasting This feature enables you to get real-time visibility on your teams’ pipeline and forecast with precision. Now, you can drive predictable revenue with comprehensive forecasting and pipeline accuracy.

Lead Management A prominent feature of Sales Cloud, this feature lets you convert leads into actual opportunities. With lead scoring and routing, you can route and assign leads to the right people. Also, you can monitor your marketing efforts and campaigns across all channels.

With Salesforce’s recent acquisition of LevelJump, a sales enablement company, you can coach and train your Salespeople to deliver faster and efficiently from anywhere.

Salesforce-cloud features

How Outsource Salesforce executes an efficient Sales Cloud Implementation

Now, when you know about the benefits of Sales Cloud implementation to your business, you must be wondering who is the best in the business for providing neat implementation services. We say- rely on the industry experts at Outsource Salesforce to deliver a successful Sales Cloud implementation that ensures maximum revenue generation for your Sales team. To achieve the goal, Outsource Salesforce

  • Builds strategy after assessing your business model
  • Designs roadmap
  • Tracks your lead assignments, contacts, Accounts, lead, opportunities, and quotes, etc.
  • Set up the forecast, and lead assignments rules
  • Chatter Set up
  • Configures price books Sync with outlook and track campaigns
  • Post-service support and many more.

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Wrap Up

We hope this article provided all that you needed to know about Sales Cloud implementation. Outsource Salesforce provides the most outcome-oriented Salesforce consulting services for your business to earn maximum growth. Visit our website to check out our Salesforce cost estimator tool to get a prior estimation of your project!