MuleSoft Research Shows Integration Challenges as a Major Roadblock for Digital Transformation

MuleSoft Research Shows Integration Challenges as a Major Roadblock for Digital Transformation

Recently, the world’s leading integration and API platform, MuleSoft, reported that the integration challenges are a major barrier to digital transformation. Also, MuleSoft’s 2021 Connectivity Benchmark Report found that IT teams spend over a third of their time on integration projects. Besides, large enterprises spend on an average $3.5 million each on custom integrations in annual labor. 

Brent Hayward, CEO of MuleSoft, says, “Although most organizations are prioritizing digital initiatives, such as launching an e-commerce platform or increasing worker productivity, the research shows that data silos continue to hinder their capabilities to deliver on these key initiatives. Companies that empower their IT and business teams to integrate apps and data easily will be able to unlock the full capacity within their organization to drive innovation at scale and gain a competitive edge.”

Businesses under the pressure of delivering digital innovation faster

Ever since the pandemic hit us, we have seen a drastic shift towards digital innovation. However, the sudden demand of the customers has put organizations under a lot of pressure. Also, with the growing shift towards digital transformation, customers want organizations to deliver seamless digital experiences faster. 

Take measures to allow success from anywhere: The past year has made companies shift their operations completely online from migrating the apps to the cloud, remote working, and automating business processes. 

Huge Demand over Supply: Companies needed IT more than anything in the year 2020. There was a 30% increase in the number of projects that companies gave IT this year. Furthermore, only 37% of the respondents could deliver all IT projects in the year. However, this figure was 41% in 2019. 

The Integration Challenges

Little Integrations, Many Apps: Organizations can drive more connected experiences as there are only 29% of integrated applications. For your information, on average, an organization uses 843 applications. 

Connected Customer Experiences have a long way to go: According to the study, just 18% of the organizations integrate end-user experiences across all channels. About 48% of the organizations find it difficult to implement. But, the organizations that could implement it achieved better customer engagement, business transformation, and innovation. 

Data-related roles need the most out of integration: So when we talk about IT, this sector needs integration. However, data science, business analyst, and finance are some roles that have the most integration needs. 

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