Hyperautomation: Combining machine learning and AI for a new automation age

Hyperautomation: Combining machine learning and AI for a new automation age

With the rise of digitalization, the year 2022 is expected to witness organizations leveraging on automation for scaling their business processes.
While many organizations are setting automation to their digital business, their efforts are just at the surface level. By scaling automation capabilities, organizations can unlock and connect data from anywhere thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

Therefore, Hyperautomation can be called a process that amplifies automation capabilities by deploying the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation (RPA).

With this integrated innovative technology, Hyperautomation enables organizations to connect systems, employees, and automation robots to collaborate for achieving business goals.

Let us learn how hyperautomation scales automation and benefits businesses in the subsequent sections. Let’s dig in.

Bringing together integration, automation, and API for enabling Hyperautomation

The very foundation of Hyperautomation lies with RPA (Robotic Process automation). RPA is the easiest and preferred choice for organizations to automate processes without needing any coding skills.

However, in the absence of proper integration skills and technology, companies often find it difficult to securely integrate, manage and automate the huge silos of data across multiple systems and platforms.

Hence, organizations must unite integration, automation technologies, and API management to their data and applications for achieving hyperautomation success. Salesforce combined Mulesoft’s integration and API platform and ServiceTrace RPA platform to enable hyper-automation.

Deliver connected experience from anywhere with end to end workflow automation

At a time when businesses strive to deliver great customer experiences, unifying integration, automation, and API capabilities will result in advanced processes that will provide connected experiences to the customers.

Automations backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning can utilize unstructured data inputs and make nuanced decisions, allowing businesses to quickly address customers’ concerns and deliver meaningful connected customer experiences.

Working in coordination with IT teams, Hyperautomation can really scale up the automation process and add real value to your business.


Benefits of Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation allows you to use automation across all systems and its benefits are limitless. They are-

  • Hyperautomation streamlines various internal systems making previous interactions visible across various functions and processes.
  • Reduces obstacles in operations by navigating through functional barriers and determining best optimization practices.
  • Hyperautomation tools enable the creation of digital agents to help customers with the Knowledge base, personalized responses, and support.

Bottom Line

Thus, give flight to your hyperautomation strategy with the tools and technology and be ready to deliver in the digital-first world.

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