Deliver personalized healthcare experiences with new features in Marketing and Commerce Cloud

Deliver personalized healthcare experiences with new features in Marketing and Commerce Cloud

Recently, Salesforce announced new innovations across Customer 360 for Health to enable healthcare companies to deliver secure and personalized digital experiences to their customers.

The new features will deliver Patient Virtual Care, Patient Unified Health Scoring, and Patient Care Coordination.

These new innovations, including updates to the Patient Data Platform and Patient Commerce Portal, are powered by Marketing and Commerce Cloud. ( Read more about Marketing and Commerce Cloud in our Salesforce Consulting section) Combining the capabilities of Marketing and Commerce Cloud, healthcare and life science companies can leverage Customer 360 for Health to build trusted and cohesive relationships between providers, payers, and patients from anywhere.

Significance of the new innovation

As per the data from the Connected Health Consumer Report, 51% of consumers expressed their concern over the future of privacy with the evolving technology.

While 47% of them believe that life science companies and healthcare providers are more driven towards industry needs than patient needs. So, maintaining trust and delivering focused patient care are the major areas that need attention in the healthcare industry.

But healthcare industries are facing challenges with data unification, collaboration, and delivering connected digital customer experience. And, the pandemic has worsened the situation even more.

So, as the healthcare industry needs digital-first solutions to improve patient relationships and deliver personalized digital healthcare experiences, The CRM leader, Salesforce, brings in new innovations across Customer 360 for Health to counter the challenges.

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Know the main features

Patient Commerce Portal

This Commerce Cloud portal helps B2B companies manage their patient data. This portal enables them to deliver personalized direct-to-customer shopping experiences, keeping the privacy of patients in mind.

Companies providing personalized buying experiences on this channel are obliged to abide by HIPAA compliance responsibilities. Healthcare Companies can also set permissions on certain patient information for sellers to safeguard patient data while maintaining trust.

Patient Data Platform

Integrated with Patient Unified Health Scoring, this platform empowers health managers to constitute a single source of truth of their customer details by integrating all disparate data sources.

With privacy and security measures in place, health providers can find all their patients’ and members’ data in a single place and thus can leverage them to provide recommendations and personalized engagement while complying with HIPAA regulations.

Unique encryption for Digital storefronts

With this feature, providers can create digital storefronts by allowing healthcare companies to re-evaluate the need for custom platform development.

The companies building stores on Commerce Cloud will now be able to store patients’ confidential data on their stores by double layering them with encryption codes.And this sensitive information can only be accessed with permission from authorized users.

Wrap Up

Well, that was the latest announcement from Salesforce. To stay abreast of Salesforce news, stay connected with our blogs.

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