Best Salesforce Integration Services and Tools to take your Organization to the Next Level

Best Salesforce Integration Services and Tools to take your Organization to the Next Level

Businesses all around the world have Salesforce’s #1 CRM to empower their productivity and boost sales. Every organization knows what works for them to get a hold of its growth and to function efficiently. But one of the best things that an organization can do is integrating Salesforce with other effective tools. These tools work differently depending totally upon the requirements and objectives of the organization.

Use these Salesforce integration tools and services to gain more advantages for your organization and save a significant amount of time. See our top picks-


When the team works together to enhance efficiency, one thing to consider is secure data sharing. This cloud data integration takes care of it and improves performance within various departments. RapidiOnline is a simple integration tool that uses preconfigured templates to make Salesforce integration to Microsoft Dynamics ERP easy. Moreover, this tool is effective for integrating Salesforce with all Microsoft Dynamics ERP like Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, 365 Business Central, etc. RapidiOnline also helps to avoid manual sharing of data and gives easier data flow support.

Conga Composer

Maintain your Salesforce data, boost productivity, and get meaningful insights with Conga Composer. This smart Salesforce integration tool helps you simplify document generation, reporting, and delivery.

Conga Composer can beautifully function in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce1, and Lightning. Integrate this with Salesforce to get all your tasks done from a single platform. Also, integrating this app with Salesforce would potentially save a lot of time, allowing you to focus on other core activities.

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MuleSoft is a high-end API Integration platform, owned by Salesforce. It is used by many large enterprises these days. Mule 4 is another tool that makes Salesforce’s integration with Google Maps possible. Also, If you have a large enterprise with enough technical resources, MuleSoft is the right integration tool for you.

MuleSoft is mostly used by businesses that want to connect Salesforce with ERP and finance applications like Netsuite, SAP, Oracle EBS, etc.


Jitterbit tool is a high-end tool that allows your Salesforce system to connect with external databases and documents.

All of the Jitterbit solutions are available on a single digital platform, Harmony. The users can see quick results using a cloud, on-premise, or hybrid model. This is designed to be used by both technical as well as non-technical users. People with a non-technical background are also capable of building a new integration with it. Jitterbit works efficiently for large, fast-growing businesses.


Quip is a mobile-first suite that offers you modern-day productivity features such as team chats, documentation, and spreadsheets on a single platform. This Salesforce Quip Integration is better for teams that look forward to having a great collaboration while doing a task.

This is a great tool if you want to increase sales and provide an out-of-the-box customer experience. Moreover, with Quip Salesforce Integration, businesses get an interactive, connected & collaborative team environment.

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