5 Winning Strategies to grow business with Salesforce

5 Winning Strategies to grow business with Salesforce

Do you know 88% of customers recently shared that the experience they receive from a company is as important as its product or services?

Yes, Salesforce’s State of Connected Customer Report reveals this transformed behavior of customers in the last couple of years.

This means that businesses need the right tools and tactics to stay attuned to the growing customer expectations.

Here, Utilizing data is the key to staying connected with their customers and delivering personalized experiences.

Hence, to help businesses utilize customer data more efficiently, Salesforce offers various tools.

Let us see in detail how businesses can grow by applying the following five winning strategies with Salesforce.

Leverage Customer 360 for smooth experiences across all touchpoints

Staying connected with customers at every channel is the starting point of delivering impactful customer experiences. Today almost 73% of customers expect companies to understand their demands and expectations, says the State of the Connected Customer Report.

Also, 83% of customers stay loyal to the brands that consistently deliver personalized experiences.

With Customer 360, Brands can get a single source of truth to view their customers preferences in one place and build strong bonds with their customers.

Collaborate with teams using Slack as your Digital HQ

Collaboration with teams is another key to driving business growth. Using Slack as your digital HQ, you can stay connected with your customers, employees, partners, and vendors anytime.

You can integrate your essential apps with Slack for knowledge sharing and seamless collaborations. Besides, by integrating Slack with Customer 360, you can get complete visibility of your customer.

Deliver integrated experiences by connecting your systems with Mulesoft

As customers do not like information gaps, businesses need connectivity across disparate systems to get an uninterrupted flow of data whenever customer demands.

This can be achieved by leveraging Mulesoft. With Mulesoft, you can bring your complex systems and data together.

Mulesoft ‘s connectivity capabilities across any system, application, data, and device can help the business accelerate digital transformation and unleash the power of Customer 360.

Tune into Trailhead to learn about Salesforce

Trailhead is Salesforce’s free learning platform that can help you explore and understand the Salesforce ecosystem better.

Right from data management to coding, you can learn everything and upskill yourself to get the most out of your Salesforce system.

Businesses usually stay ahead of the competition by becoming Trailhead rangers.

Salesforce Consultants are a must for thriving in Salesforce

Salesforce Consultants or Salesforce Consulting Companies are vital to your business growth.

Salesforce Consultants, with their industry expertise and proven success, help businesses with seamless Salesforce implementation.

Besides, they evaluate your business needs and present tailored solutions by designing, delivering, governing, and providing overall support.

In short, Salesforce Consultants helps you derive the maximum value for your business.

Wrap Up

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