2022 will witness the rise of AI, NFTs, and the metaverse, predict Salesforce experts

2022 will witness the rise of AI, NFTs, and the metaverse, predict Salesforce experts

The year 2021 has seen digital acceleration at its peak, with virtual selling and remote working becoming the new norms of life.

However, there is a growing sense of insecurity amongst employees about their jobs. According to the labor department, around 4.4 billion people resigned from their jobs in October this year. So, for businesses to survive, they need to rethink their employee retention strategy and their corporate responsibility to succeed in the all-digital landscape in 2022.

This article brings top Salesforce executives’ predictions for businesses in 2022 and how the metaverse and corporate responsibility will predominantly determine the growth of the business.


Work flexibility with a digital-first approach

Companies looking to retain their top talents must provide flexibility in workplaces to unlock greater productivity and deeper employee engagement. In 2022, it is expected that most businesses will remodel their business with a digital-first approach. Research by Future Forum showed that 93% of employees prefer schedule flexibility to achieve a balanced work and personal life, which also benefits companies with increased productivity.

Organizations that give employees what they most want — flexibility, autonomy, and choice about where they work, when they work and how they work — will be the most effective at attracting and retaining top talent.” – Karen Mangia, VP Customer & Market Insights, Salesforce.

Prediction 2:

AI and Automation will be on the rise

With the governments in the US and beyond approving a host of AI regulations, companies working on AI will now be programming their own EaaS (Ethics as a Service) offerings within their professional services. This will lead to an increased demand for AI ethicists, as compared to AI developers in 2022.

Also, we will see more growth in AI, writing codes in various programming languages, and allowing people to speak their instructions (speech to code).

Prediction 3:

NFTs are going to be the way for utility search

The word NFT is going to create a lot of buzz in 2022. Till now, NFTs centered around novelty and art and held no utility other than their collectibility, but Pioneering brands will be searching for utility via NFTs in 2022. Several brands have been playing with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for the past one and half years and are expected to make more engagements in the coming year.

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Prediction 4:

Global Supply Chain will be managed by Metaverse

The concept of Metaverse was initially adopted in 2021 to create a virtual world for managing supply chain management. The adoption of Metaverse revolutionized the consumer world as it enables executives to take a tour of their supply chain operation virtually from anywhere.

So, it is expected that in 2022, the metaverse is going to rule supply chain management. However, it also requires continued investments in tools and integration systems to collaborate with disparate teams and real-time conversations.

There’s more…

Salesforce execs predict that 2022 will also see a rise in NLG( Natural Language Generation) across business applications in the Marketing and Consumer sector to offer meaningful and better customer experiences.

Wrap Up

Therefore, 2022 is dawned to embrace new technologies, and companies will prioritize their employees and be a platform for change for defining the future of work. So, buckle up and get ready to transform your business in 2022 with our expert guidance in Salesforce adoption and implementation services. Contact Outsource Salesforce and get started with our services today!