10 amazing Salesforce facts you can’t ignore

10 amazing Salesforce facts you can’t ignore

Salesforce is a renowned name in the SaaS world. This CRM giant has revolutionized customer management using Cloud technology. Starting out in a small rented apartment in San Francisco, Salesforce today is one of the largest technology companies in the world with numerous acquisitions under its wing.

Big corporates around the world including some big names such as Apple, Facebook, Uber, etc. trust Salesforce over other alternatives because of its extensive products with power-packed features.

So, if you are new to Salesforce or trying to explore more about this tool, we as your Salesforce Consulting partner, are here to share some interesting facts about Salesforce that you might want to know.

Let’s dive in!

1. Best Workplace

Salesforce has 69, 530 employees across the world. There has been a 27% growth in employees since 2020. Salesforce promotes healthy work culture and provides a great employee experience.

Recipient of many prestigious awards, Salesforce was recently given the Best Workplace award by Great Place To Work International in 17 countries in 2021, and also was named as 5th Best Workplace in the world.

Additionally, Salesforce is chosen as the Best Place to Work in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, and France in Glassdoor Employees Choice Awards, 2022.

2. A Diverse Workforce

In 2021, Salesforce pledged to include 50% of its employees from underrepresented groups such as Black, Latinx, Women, Multiracial, Indigenous, Veterans, LGBTQ community and people with disabilities. 

Today, Salesforce has 50.7% of employees from underrepresented groups.

3. Salesforce gives back to the community

Salesforce has built a philanthropic model Pledge1%, a 1-1-1 philanthropy program that donates 1% each of time, equity, and product to fulfill its commitment of giving to society.
More than 15,000 companies in 100 countries came along with Salesforce in this cause and contributed more than $1 billion in time, equity, and product.

Apart from that,

  • Salesforce has granted $495 million to charitable organizations.
  • Given 6.5 billion volunteer hours worldwide.
  • The annual social value of Salesforce.org increased to $1.45 billion in 2021.
  • Extended free or discounted technology support to more than 54,000 institutions and nonprofit organizations.

4. Annual Revenue

Salesforce recorded an all-time high revenue generation in the year 2021. It achieved $21.3 billion in revenue, a 24% increase from the last fiscal year.


5. Salesforce global presence

Salesforce is present in 84 countries in the world with 110 offices around the world. Currently, there are 8 Salesforce towers in eight cities viz, Dublin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Tokyo, and Atlanta.

6. A sustainable Company

Salesforce has achieved net-zero across its full value chain and purchased 100% renewable energy to match all electricity uses globally. Salesforce also launched the Ocean Sustainability Program to save oceans and helped establish 1t.org for conservation and restoration of 1 trillion trees by 2030.

7. Economic impact

An approximate of 9.3million jobs are expected to be created by the Salesforce ecosystem by 2026 and $1.6 trillion is expected to be earned through business revenue by the same time.

8. Reducing the gender pay gap

Salesforce roots for equal pay for equal work and has spent $16 million to date to ensure pay equality. In 2015, Salesforce addressed the pay gap issue and since then has been bringing along modifications to its processes to include promotions, bonuses, and stocks to all employees irrespective of gender, ethnicity, and race.

9. Strong Customer database

Salesforce has over 150,000 trusted customers all over the world and 41% of its revenue comes from the Sales Cloud. In a single day, B2C messages sent across Salesforce surpass 3.4 billion, and over 5 billion service and case interactions are processed daily.

10. AppExchange Marketplace

The Salesforce AppExchange is a huge cloud computing marketplace through which Salesforce users can access and download ready-to-install apps, solutions, and consulting services. With this marketplace, Salesforce lets you find proven apps and solutions with access to 70K+ peer reviews and trusted community reviews.

Wrap up

We hope you like this interesting write-up. So, if you are intimidated by Salesforce and its services, talk to us and know how our expert Salesforce Consulting helps businesses grow! Get in touch!