We will setup an approval process to fit your needs. For example: you would like Sales Reps to get approval from their manager and accounting before sending out a Quote. We can choose a point in the process that the sales Rep can not continue past without approval. The manager is then notified and can approve the opportunity which is then sent to accounting for final approval. After accounting approves, the record is unlocked and the sales rep can send the quote.

Also known as: Partner Portal, Community Portal, Customer Portal, Self Service Portal. These are portals where your partners or customers can login to create/view cases or any other data you want them to see/edit. We will brand the portal with your logo, configure the URL, and setup the desired permissions for the portal users. Read More.

We will install an app called Chargent (licensing fees apply) and configure it to work with your payment gateway so you can process credit card payments, voids, authorizations, etc. from inside Salesforce for one-time or recurring payments. We can also help if you need something more customized.

Dashboards is a feature in Salesforce used to display your Salesforce data with graphs, charts, tables, and other visually appealing elements. You can create different Dashboards for each user role. For example Management, Sales Rep, and Customer Service can each have their own Dashboard. In each Dashboard you have Dashboard Elements which are single blocks/displays of information such as Total Sales This Month. There are some standard dashboards in Salesforce and we can help expand on these to fit your unique business needs.

We will de-duplicate your existing data in Salesforce by finding duplicates based on criteria that makes sense to you. For example matching on name, phone, email, and address. We can use apps like Demand Tools, Data.com, or Cloudingo. These apps have extra license costs. It is difficult to estimate hours for this task because it largely depends on your data. Also, if you need serious data cleansing we can do that as well, but again, it is very hard to estimate hours before diving into the data.

We can automatically generate documents like a quote or an agreement from any template you need using dynamic data from your Salesforce to create a PDF, Word, or Excel document. We can use Conga, DrawLoop, or our own Google Docs merge app to do this. We can setup additional automated tasks like automatically sending a Quote PDF and recording the activity when the user clicks a button like "Send Quote". This process requires third party apps which have licensing costs. Read More

We will install Dupe Catcher (free) or Dupe Blocker (license fees apply) to setup rules to block duplicate records from being created. Rules can be setup in real time so that duplicate records can't be created by users and also to provide duplicate warnings if records are created from web forms or an email to lead process. This is a great way to keep your data clean after it has already been cleaned. If your existing data already has duplicates then you need to do the De-Duping Existing Data task first.

We can setup a process and app to manage the electronic signatures on your quotes, agreements, etc. We can use DocuSign, EchoSign, our own electronic signature app, or another app that best suits your needs. We will install and configure the app on your Salesforce. We assume you will have a document already produced outside of Salesforce or in conjunction with the task of generating a document above we can dynamically generate the document and send for signature. This requires third party apps which have licensing costs Read More

We will install and configure an integration with an Email Marketing app so you can send out mass emails like newsletters, announcements, or marketing materials. We recommend Mail Chimp and iContact for strictly email marketing features and Pardot for full on marketing automation. However we can also integrate nearly anything like Exact Target, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, etc. Salesforce has ability to send out some mass emails as well but without the extra tracking like open rates, delivery rate, click through rate, etc that you get from a more full featured email marketing app. Also, creating email templates is not as intuitive in Salesforce compared to the paired apps. There are costs for email marketing apps.

We can setup email templates that you can use to automatically merge data from customer records and send out from Salesforce either manually or automatically with workflows. We assume you will provide the content/design of the email template for us to setup in Salesforce with the merge fields.

We can install and configure an app to send and receive faxes from Salesforce. we can use our own fax app - RSFax, MyFax, or Pam Fax.

We can setup customizations to standard Products, Opportunity Line Items, etc to manage Inventory. We can also setup customizations to track product inventory on custom objects. Another option is to use the inventory tracking app we built. Read More

We will implement Live Agent Chat, the Salesforce feature (which costs extra) into Salesforce and your website. We can also integrate another live chat solution like Zopim. This gives your customers the ability to chat with support or Sales from your website and then record the Case into Salesforce. We can also implement a pre-chat form that can route the chat to the person in your organization with the most expertise on the matter.

Report builder in Salesforce allows you to create reports of your Salesforce data which display records and fields based on user-specified or administrator-defined criteria. You can also summarize or perform calculations on some of the data. You can export reports to Excel. Check this if you want us to build some reports for you. There are some standard reports already in Salesforce but we can expand on this to meet your unique business needs.

We will implement the sales tracking processes included in Group, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Salesforce. This includes tracking of your Accounts/Companies, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Products, Pricebooks, Quotes, Forecasts, Lead Assignment Rules, Outlook Sync, Chatter, Campaigns, Page Layouts, Fields, Record Types, Email to Lead, Web 2 Lead, and Validation Rules Read More.

Don't know what CRM subscriptions to pick? Can't decide on the right service for your CRM? You're in the right place. Drop us a line, and we'll get back to you with just the right service package, apps, and customizations for your unique enterprise needs.Read More.

We will import/migrate your existing data into Salesforce properly and maintain the relationships. This data might be from your old CRM or in excel sheets. The time this task takes really depends on how many objects we are importing to. We assume for this we don't need to do any data cleaning. If you need to add data cleansing you can do so in the Dedupe Existing Data task. We also assume you don't have a very large amount of records.Read More.

We can integrate Salesforce with other systems like Quickbooks, ERP, MLS, Shipwire, Shopify, eCommerece, WordPress, etc. Maybe you want to sync data with or send data to another system. We are very creative and can typically find a way to do pretty much anything. Integration project hours come down to whether there is an existing app we can leverage to sync the two systems together or if we need to build a custom sync using the other system's API or integration options. Any estimated hours are very rough since this type of task is hard to estimate especially when working with third party systems.Read More.

We will install and configure a project management app like Milestones PM (free) or Task Ray (license fees apply) so you can manage projects, milestones, and tasks. You will also be able to assign tasks to users or contacts, record time, see gantt charts, track statuses, and deadlines, etc. If these apps don't suit your unique process, we can always build something more custom Read More.

We can provide training beyond any standard system review of the topics already checked above. For example, if you selected to do a Sales Cloud implementation we already estimate minimum time to review the system and do some basic training. If you want additional training time for these or other topics such as extra training on how to build reports and dashboards or customizing layouts and fields we can do that as well. We can train for a few hours in one remote session that can be recorded for future reference or you can pay travel costs to have us come on site and do a group or one on one training sessions with your team.Read More.

We will implement customer service processes included in Service Cloud Professional and Enterprise editions of Salesforce. Includes Cases, Case Assignment Rules, Email to Case, Web to Case, Escalation Rules, Validations, Fields, Page Layouts, Knowledge or Solutions, Service Cloud Console, Service Contracts and Entitlements. Read More.

We will install a shipping postage and tracking app. We can install Fedex, UPS, USPS, or our own ship tracking app, depending on your business requirements. Some apps cost extra.

We can setup alerts to be sent via SMS text message or via dynamic voice phone calls based on any condition in your process. We can use our own app for this or SMS Magic. This customization requires the Workflows feature from the Enterprise or Force.com Platform Salesforce editions. There are third party costs for usage.

We will install and configure a Softphone (aka CTI adapter) for VOIP call capabilities inside Salesforce. When the phone rings it will ring in Salesforce and when you answer, it will pull up the matching contact record or create a new one. A call activity will then be logged on that contact. You will need a VOIP service provider that already has a CTI adapter for Salesforce. We can also install our own softphone app that uses Twilio on the backend for basic use, click-to-call with Skype, or setup full featured automated call centers.

We will setup custom objects and fields to track the data you need. These objects are custom to your organization and contain any fields that make sense in your business process Read More

We will setup the security Profiles to control what fields, objects, and functionality each user has access to. We will then setup sharing rules to indicate which records your users can view. We can also setup a hierarchical system of roles. We will create all the users and assign them to these roles, profiles, and permissions.

Workflows is a feature that allows you to send automated emails, create automated tasks, or update field values automatically when a record is changed. This requires the Enterprise or Force.com Platform Salesforce editions Read More.

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