We can configure salesforce workflows to provide you with some cool automations.

Salesforce Workflow Automation

  1. In Salesforce Enterprise edition and in the Force.com Platform editions you get a feature called Workflows.
  2. Workflows allows you to do some really cool and powerful automations with your processes without needing to program.
  3. Workflows are pretty easy to setup and you can certainly try to configure them yourself. Or we can help you set them up.
  4. With a workflow you can for example automatically send out an email to a person indicated on a record when the Status changes to a certain value. So lets say you want to send the project implementation team coordinator an alert via email that this opportunity was just closed won so they can call the customer to get started with the project.
  5. Or a workflow can automatically create a Task for a user when something happens to a record. Lets say you change the opportunity Stage to Quote Sent, then an automatic workflow can create a Task for yourself due in 2 days with a subject “Followup on Quote”, so that will show in your task list automatically.
  6. Another feature with Workflows is to automatically change the value of a field when something happens. So lets say you want to record the date/time that the quote was sent. You can create a field that is a date/time field called Quote Sent Date. Then when the Opportunity Stage is changed to Quote Sent a workflow will automatically set the field Quote Sent Date with the current date/time.
  7. Another powerful thing is that you can make workflows happen immediately or you can have them happen a certain number of days from the event. For example you can create a workflow so that 2 days after the opportunity is closed won you send an email to a customer thanking them for their business.