We can customize Salesforce so you can track your custom data.

Track Custom Data in Salesforce

  1. Salesforce includes a lot of out of the box features and tracking like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, etc. With standard fields like name, email, phone, address, opportunity stage, opportunity amount.
  2. Every business is unique though and might need to track some other data that is not already included.
  3. We can help you to identify the custom data you want to track then build the custom objects and fields desired in your Salesforce.
  4. A custom object is an object like Accounts. It is an entity. For example Accounts is an object. The records are for that object. For example each record of an Account is a specific company record. Contacts is another object. Each person is a record in the Contacts object.
  5. As an example lets say you want to track Applications. People apply for a job at your company. So you can setup a custom object in Salesforce called Applications to create a record for each application submitted to you. Then you would create fields on that object like Applicant Name, Phone, Email, Position, Status.
  6. You can create all types of fields like a text field, currency, number, picklist, multi select picklist, etc. You can also create fields to relate the record to another object.
  7. You can create custom fields or customize existing fields on standard objects that already exist or create new objects and fields to track any data you want.
  8. Think of an object as a tab on an excel spreadsheet. You might have a spreadsheet and are tracking some data like Projects with one row for each project and the top row has all the header/column names which are like the fields in the object.
  9. Creating custom objects and fields is actually not that hard in Salesforce and that is one of the benefits of using a platform like Salesforce. You can easily customize it. If you want you can certainly try to make some custom objects and fields yourself.
  10. Or we can help you build and configure all the custom data you need to track in Salesforce. For an estimate we just need to know how many custom objects and fields you need to create.