We can setup inventory tracking processes in your Salesforce.

Inventory Tracking Processes

  1. Salesforce editions like Group, Professional, and Enterprise are great and creating and tracking Leads, and Opportunities, then creating quotes with line items that you select from your Products with pricebooks. Then sending those quotes and closing those orders.
  2. But there is no inventory tracking features in Salesforce out of the box. But we can add these features with some customizations as we have done for many clients.
  3. If you use Salesforce to actually track all your sales and are indicating which products are being sold and in which quantities it makes sense to close the loop from perhaps another system you might be using for inventory tracking.
  4. We can setup customizations to standard Products, Opportunity Line Items, etc to manage Inventory.
  5. We can also setup customizations to track product inventory on custom objects.
  6. Another option is to use the inventory tracking app we built with the RS Order Tracking app.
  7. The usual features in inventory tracking is typically recording inventory received for products and recording that against the product then keep tracking of what products are sold on opportunities that are closed won, then you can see the inventory on hand numbers for each product. You can set a par level, which is a goal for how much inventory you would like to have on hand at all times and create reports or alerts around getting to below par levels.
  8. You could even trigger automatic ordering of inventory when par levels are reach to your vendors.
  9. You can also be able to view inventory on hand when adding products to an opportunity which could help you communicate fulfillment times to the customer.